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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2011A machine-to-loop assignment and layout design methodology for tandem AGV systems with single-load vehiclesRezapour, S.; Zanjirani-Farahani, R. ; Miandoabchi, E.
Jun-2010A memetic algorithm for bi-objective integrated forward/reverse logistics network designPishvaee, M.S.; Farahani, R.Z. ; Dullaert, W.
Jul-2013A multi-stage fluctuation smoothing method for multiple bottlenecks in wafer fabricationHu, H.; Zhen, L.; Sun, Z. ; Zhang, H.
Oct-2011A smoothing sample average approximation method for stochastic optimization problems with CVaR risk measureMeng, F. ; Sun, J. ; Goh, M. 
2016An alignment-free algorithm in comparing the similarity of protein sequences based on Pseudo-Markov transition probabilities among amino acidsLi Y.; Song T.; Yang J. ; Zhang Y.; Yang J.
Mar-2012An Overview of Maritime Waterway Quantitative Risk Assessment ModelsLi, S. ; Meng, Q. ; Qu, X. 
12-Jan-2012Analyses and implications of accidents in singapore straitQu, X.; Meng, Q. ; Li, S. 
Jul-2011Analysis of intermodal freight from China to Indian Ocean: A goal programming approachYang, X.; Low, J.M.W. ; Tang, L.C. 
Jul-2009Assessment of hub status among Asian ports from a network perspectiveLow, J.M.W. ; Lam, S.W. ; Tang, L.C. 
2013Container routing in liner shippingWang, S.; Meng, Q. ; Sun, Z. 
2012Covering problems in facility location: A reviewFarahani, R.Z.; Asgari, N. ; Heidari, N.; Hosseininia, M.; Goh, M. 
2012DEA based on strongly efficient and inefficient frontiers and its application on port efficiency measurementJiang, J.L.; Chew, E.P. ; Lee, L.H. ; Sun, Z. 
Jun-2013Design and evaluation of mega container terminal configurations: An integrated simulation frameworkSun, Z. ; Tan, K.C. ; Lee, L.H. ; Chew, E.P. 
2005Efficient processing of ordered XML twig patternLu, J.; Ling, T.W. ; Yu, T.; Li, C.; Ni, W. 
Sep-2012Erratum: Finding community structure in spatial maritime shipping networks (International Journal of Modern Physics C (2012) 23:6 (1250044))Sun, Z. ; Zheng, J.; Hu, H.
Aug-2013Establishing Nash equilibrium of the manufacturer-supplier game in supply chain managementAng, J. ; Fukushima, M.; Meng, F. ; Noda, T.; Sun, J. 
3-Feb-2020Exploring Effects of Ship Traffic Characteristics and Environmental Conditions on Ship Collision FrequencyJinxian Weng ; Shiguan Liao; Bing Wu; Dong Yang 
Jun-2012Finding community structure in spatial maritime shipping networksSun, Z. ; Zheng, J.; Hu, H.
10-Dec-2012Fractal pattern in spatial structure of urban road networksSun, Z. ; Zheng, J.; Hu, H.
Mar-2010Fuzzy AHP to determine the relative weights of evaluation criteria and Fuzzy TOPSIS to rank the alternativesTorfi, F.; Farahani, R.Z. ; Rezapour, S.