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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Sep-2010Tailoring the microstructure of mechanoactivated Al2O 3 and SiO2 mixtures with TiO2 additionZhang, T.S.; Kong, L.B. ; Du, Z.H.; Ma, J.; Li, S.
4-Dec-2013Tailoring thermal stability behaviour of magnetic thin films by hybrid oblique gradient-composition sputteringPhuoc, N.N. ; Ong, C.K. 
2013Targets tracking by UAVs in an urban areaHe, Z.; Xu, J.-X. ; Lum, K.-Y. 
May-2014TDOA-based adaptive sensing in multi-agent cooperative target trackingHu, J.; Xie, L.; Xu, J. ; Xu, Z.
2004TE scattering from PEC object partially embedded at dielectric rough surface interfaceWang, X.A. ; Gan, Y.-B. ; Li, L.-W. 
2008Temasek laboratories efficient full-wave EMC (TLEFEMC VI.0) code for analysis of antennas mounted on large and complex platform: Introduction, validation, and applicationWang, C.-F. ; Nie, X.-C. ; Yuan, N. ; Gan, Y.-B. ; Tay, B.H.; Tai, Y.K.
Aug-2011Temperature dependence dynamical permeability characterization of magnetic thin film using near-field microwave microscopyHung, L.T.; Phuoc, N.N. ; Wang, X.-C.; Ong, C.K. 
15-Oct-2012Temperature-dependent dynamic magnetization of FeCoHf thin films fabricated by oblique depositionPhuoc, N.N. ; Chai, G.; Ong, C.K. 
2011Test bed for time jitter studies of laser-triggered gas-discharge switchesLarsson, A. ; Yap, D.; Lim, Y.W.
5-Jun-2004The attenuation and slow-wave characteristics of an inverted embedded (IEM) metal-insulator semiconductor (MIS) microstrip lineYin, W.Y. ; Dong, X.T. 
2006The characterization of 2n-periodic binary sequences with fixed 1-error linear complexityFu, F.-W. ; Niederreiter, H. ; Su, M.
Apr-2007The characterization of binary constant weight codes meeting the bound of Fu and ShenFu, F.-W. ; Xia, S.-T.
2009The development of generalized synchronization on complex networksGuan, S. ; Wang, X. ; Gong, X. ; Li, K. ; Lai, C.-H. 
Jul-2004The effect of ultra-thin Al 2O 3 layers on the dielectric properties of LaAlO 3 thin film on siliconYan, L. ; Kong, L.B. ; Ong, C.K. 
2006The effect of v2O5 on high-frequency properties for W-type barium ferrite composites Z. W. Li, Y. P. Wu and G. Q. Lin Temasek laboratories, National University of Singapore, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore, 119260 Tao Liu Singapore Synchrotron Light Source, National University of Singapore, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 117603Li, Z. ; Wu, Y. ; Lin, G. ; Liu, T. 
Aug-2008The evolution of a detonation wave in a variable cross-sectional chamberQu, Q.; Khoo, B.C. ; Dou, H.-S. ; Tsai, H.M. 
Dec-2005The expectation and variance of the joint linear complexity of random periodic multisequencesFu, F.-W. ; Niederreiter, H. ; Su, M.
Feb-2003The ferroelectric-antiferroelectric transition in Pb[Zr0.9(CexTi1-x)0.1]O3 due to Ce4+ dopingHuang, H.; Guo, J.; Kong, L.B. ; Hng, H.H.; Oh, J.T.; Hing, P.; Tan, O.K.
2004The frequency-dependent average power handling capability of metal-insulator semiconductor (MIS) microstrip interconnectsYin, W.-Y. ; Dong, X. ; Gan, Y.B. 
2012The hourglass of emotionsCambria, E. ; Livingstone, A.; Hussain, A.