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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Observation of magnetic anisotropy increment with temperature in composition-graded FeCoZr thin filmsPhuoc, N.N. ; Ong, C.K. 
2014Observer-based adaptive control using multiple-models switching and tuningGiovanini, L.; Sanchez, G.; Benosman, M. 
2007Observer-based fault detection for piecewise linear systems: Continuous-time casesXu, J. ; Loh, A.P. ; Lum, K.Y. 
2007Observer-based fault detection for piecewise linear systems: Discrete-time casesXu, J. ; Lum, K.Y. ; Loh, A.P. 
2010Observer-based nonlinear control allocationLiao, F. ; Lum, K.-Y. ; Wang, J.L.
2014Old and new algorithms for minimal coverability setsValmari, A.; Hansen, H. 
2014On a class of quadratic polynomials with no zeros and its application to APN functionsBracken, C.; Tan, C.H. ; Tan, Y. 
2011On combining state space reductions with global fairness assumptionsZhang, S.J.; Sun, J.; Pang, J.; Liu, Y. ; Dong, J.S. 
Nov-2003On Constant-Composition Codes Over Z qLuo, Y.; Fu, F.-W. ; Vinck, A.J.H.; Chen, W.
Nov-2003On Constant-Composition Codes Over Z qLuo, Y.; Fu, F.-W. ; Vinck, A.J.H.; Chen, W.
2014On double exponentiation for securing RSA against fault analysisLe, D.-P. ; Rivain, M.; Tan, C.H. 
15-May-2003On equidistant constant weight codesFu, F.-W. ; Kloøve, T.; Luo, Y.; Wei, K.V.
10-Mar-2003On gramians and balanced truncation of discrete-time bilinear systemsZhang, L.; Lam, J.; Huang, B.; Yang, G.-H. 
2005On interior resonance problem of integral equations for modeling electromagnetic scattering from cavitiesXu, Y. ; Wang, C.-F. ; HU FU-GANG ; Gan, Y.-B. 
2004On the autocorrelation of cyclotomic generatorsMeidl, W. ; Winterhof, A. 
Apr-2004On the capacity of write-unidirectional memories with nonperiodic codesFu, F.-W. ; Vinck, A.J.H.; Wei, V.K.; Yeung, R.W.
Apr-2004On the constructions and nonlinearity of binary vector-output correlation-immune functionsChen, L.; Fu, F.-W. ; Wei, V.K.-W.
Aug-2007On the counting function of the lattice profile of periodic sequencesFu, F.-W. ; Niederreiter, H. 
2010On the development of concave surface boundary layer flowsWinoto, S.H. ; Tandionol; Shah, D.A. ; Mitsudharmadi, H. 
Mar-2001On the development of large-scale structures of a jet normal to a cross flowLim, T.T. ; New, T.H. ; Luo, S.C.