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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012L2 gain analysis of piecewise linear systems using sums of squares: A negative resultXu, J. 
14-Mar-2005Large low-field magnetoresistance observed in twinned La 2/3Ca 1/3MnO 3thin films epitaxially grown on yttria-stabilized zirconia-buffered silicon on insulator substratesLi, J.; Wang, P.; Xiang, J.Y.; Zhu, X.H.; Peng, W.; Chen, Y.F.; Zheng, D.N.; Li, Z.W. 
21-Oct-2013Large magneto-elastic anisotropy enhancement with temperature in composition-graded FeCoTa thin filmsPhuoc, N.N. ; Chapon, P.; Acher, O.; Ong, C.K. 
2013Laser-triggering of spark gap switchesLarsson, A. ; Yap, D.; Au, J.; Carlsson, T.E.
28-Feb-2011Lattice Boltzmann study of bubble entrapment during droplet impactHuang, J.J. ; Shu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. 
2009Lattice Boltzmann study of droplet motion inside a grooved channelHuang, J.J. ; Shu, C. ; Chew, T.Y. 
Apr-2003Lattice structure and linear complexity profile of nonlinear pseudorandom number generatorsDorfer, G.; Winterhof, A. 
Sep-2004Leader identification and leader selection: Its effect on a swarm's performance for multi-objective design optimization problemsLiew, K.M.; Tan, P.K.; Ray, T. 
2014Learning assumptions for compositionalverification of timed systemsLin, S.-W. ; Andre, E.; Liu, Y.; Sun, J.; Dong, J.S. 
9-Oct-2020Learning-based Low Light Image Enhancement for Visual OdometryWang, Pengfei 
14-Dec-2018Left-Right Comparative Recurrent Model for Stereo MatchingJie, Z; Wang, P ; Ling, Y; Zhao, B ; Wei, Y ; Feng, J ; Liu, W
3-Sep-2010Length dependence of coercivity in CoFe2 nanowire arrays with high aspect ratiosLim, S.L.; Xu, F. ; Phuoc, N.N. ; Ong, C.K. 
2013Limitation of Negative Impedance Converter using Operational Amplifier for matching electrically small antennaShen, Y.; Chio, T.-H. 
May-2005Linear antenna arrays with bidirectional phase center motionYang, S.; Gan, Y.-B. ; Tan, P.K.
Feb-2005Linear quadratic control for singularly perturbed systemsLi, Y.; Wang, J.L.; Yang, G.-H. 
Jul-2009Linearized Bregman iterations for compressed sensingCai, J.-F. ; Osher, S.; Shen, Z. 
2017Local positioning system using flickering infrared LEDsRaharijaona, T; Mawonou, R; Vu Nguyen, T; Colonnier, F ; Boyron, M; Diperi, J; Viollet, S
Jul-2003Local scalable description of global characteristics of various on-chip asymmetrically octagonal inductorsYin, W.-Y. ; Pan, S.J.; Li, L.-W. ; Gan, Y.-B. ; Lin, F. 
2013Localization in wireless sensor networkCheng, L; Maple, C; Wu, C; Meng, W 
20-Oct-2003Lossy effects on the transient propagation in LTCC coplanar waveguides (CPWS)Yin, W.Y. ; Guo, B. ; Dong, X.T. ; Gan, Y.B.