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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2003Local scalable description of global characteristics of various on-chip asymmetrically octagonal inductorsYin, W.-Y. ; Pan, S.J.; Li, L.-W. ; Gan, Y.-B. ; Lin, F. 
2013Localization in wireless sensor networkCheng, L; Maple, C; Wu, C; Meng, W 
20-Oct-2003Lossy effects on the transient propagation in LTCC coplanar waveguides (CPWS)Yin, W.Y. ; Guo, B. ; Dong, X.T. ; Gan, Y.B. 
2003Low sidelobe phased array antennas with time modulationYang, S. ; Gan, Y.B. ; Qing, A. 
2017Low-field switchable dynamic anisotropy in FeCoN thin film with weak stripe domainWu, Y.P ; Yang, Y ; Yang, Z.H ; Zong, B ; Ding, J 
2011Low-profile and wideband antennaZhou, S.-G. ; Li, J.-Y. 
2012Low-profile, wideband dual-polarized antenna with high isolation and low cross polarizationZhou, S.-G. ; Tan, P.-K.; Chio, T.-H.
1-Jul-2004Magnetic order in Co-doped and (Mn, Co) codoped ZnO thin films by pulsed laser depositionYan, L. ; Ong, C.K. ; Rao, X.S. 
7-Aug-2013Magnetization dynamics in permalloy films with stripe domainsTee Soh, W.; Phuoc, N.N. ; Tan, C.Y.; Ong, C.K. 
Oct-2007Magneto-dielectric properties of Mg-Cu-Co ferrite ceramics: I. Densification behavior and microstructure developmentKong, L.B. ; Li, Z.W. ; Lin, G.Q. ; Gan, Y.B. 
Jul-2007Magneto-dielectric properties of Mg-Cu-Co ferrite ceramics: II. Electrical, dielectric, and magnetic propertiesKong, L.B. ; Li, Z.W. ; Lin, G.Q. ; Gan, Y.B. 
Feb-2009Magnetodielectric Ni ferrite ceramics with Bi2O3 additive for potential antenna miniaturizationsLiew, X.T.; Chan, K.C.; Kong, L.B. 
2009Magnetodielectric Ni ferrite ceramics with Bi2O3additive for potential antenna miniaturizationsLiew, X.T.; Chan, K.C. ; Kong, L.B. 
29-Sep-2011Mapping QTLs for oil traits and eQTLs for oleosin genes in jatrophaLiu, P. ; Wang, C.M.; Li, L.; Sun, F. ; Liu, P. ; Yue, G.H.
Apr-2006Mass transport and shear stress in a microchannel bioreactor: Numerical simulation and dynamic similarityZeng, Y. ; Lee, T.-S. ; Yu, P. ; Roy, P. ; Low, H.-T. 
2005Maternal control of integument cell elongation and zygotic control of endosperm growth are coordinated to determine seed size in arabidopsisGarcia, D.; Gerald, J.N.F.; Berger, F. 
Nov-2008Maternal control of male-gamete delivery in arabidopsis Involves a putative GPI-anchored protein encoded by the lorelei geneCapron, A.; Gourgues, M.; Neiva, L.S.; Faure, J.-E.; Berger, F. ; Pagnussat, G.; Krishnan, A.; Alvarez-Mejia, C.; Vielle-Calzada, J.-P.; Lee, Y.-R.; Liu, B.; Sundaresan, V.
Aug-2006Max-min surrogate-assisted evolutionary algorithm for robust designOng, Y.-S.; Nair, P.B.; Lum, K.Y. 
Jun-2003Measure synchronization in coupled φ4 Hamiltonian systemsWang, X. ; Zhan, M. ; Lai, C.-H. ; Gang, H.
2006Measurements and numerical simulations of interior scattering from simple PEC cavities with complex terminationsWang, C.-F. ; HU FU-GANG ; Gan, Y.-B.