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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010FDI of disturbed nonlinear systems: A nonlinear UIO approach with SOS techniquesXu, J. ; Lum, K.Y. ; Xie, L.; Loh, A.P. 
2012FDI UIOs with multiple considerations for flight systems: An LMI approachXu, J. ; Peng, K. ; Lum, K.Y.
2005FDTD and PSTD Simulations for double negative (DNG) materials applicationsDong, X.T. ; Yin, W.Y. ; Gan, Y.B. 
2003FDTD modeling of 3D metal-LTCC structures for RF(MM)ICsDong, X.T. ; Guo, B. ; Yin, W.Y. ; Gan, Y.B. 
28-Apr-2004Fe-doping effects on the electrical and magnetic transitions in polycrystalline Pr 1-xSr xMnO 3 (x = 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2)Li, J.; Li, Z.W. ; Ong, C.K. ; Zheng, D.N.
2013Feature ensemble plus sample selection: Domain adaptation for sentiment classificationXia, R.; Zong, C.; Hu, X.; Cambria, E. 
3-Mar-2011FeCoHfN thin films fabricated by co-sputtering with high resonance frequencyPhuoc, N.N. ; Hung, L.T.; Ong, C.K. 
2009Feedback control design for subsonic cavity flowsYuan, X.; Caraballo, E.; Little, J.; Debiasi, M. ; Serrani, A.; Özbay, H.; Myatt, J.H.; Samimy, M.
25-May-2007Feedback control of subsonic cavity flows using reduced-order modelsSamimy, M.; Debiasi, M. ; Caraballo, E.; Serrani, A.; Yuan, X.; Little, J.; Myatt, J.H.
2005FEM analysis of frequency selective composites with regularly or randomly distributed conductive fibersLiu, L. ; Matitsine, S.M. ; Gan, Y.B. ; Rozanow, K.N.
2004Field iterative method for PEC cavity modelingWang, C.F. ; Gan, Y.B. ; Xu, Y. ; Thiele, G.A.
2016Fine mapping QTL for resistance to VNN disease using a high-density linkage map in Asian seabassLiu P. ; Wang L. ; Wong S.-M. ; Yue G.H. 
Sep-2004Finite element analysis for microwave cure of underfill in flip chip packagingLiu, L. ; Yi, S.; Ong, L.S.; Chian, K.S.
2005Finite-ground thin-film microstrip interconnects (TFMIs) and their power handling capabilities over ultra-wide frequency rangesYin, W.-Y.; Dong, X.T. ; Mao, J.
Jun-2007Finite-model adaptive control using an LS-like algorithmMa, H. 
Apr-2007Finite-model adaptive control using WLS-like algorithmMa, H. 
2013Finite-time stabilization of circular formations using bearing-only measurementsZhao, S.; Lin, F. ; Peng, K. ; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
2008Flight control design using hierarchical dynamic inversion and quasi-steady statesPeng, K. ; Lum, K.Y. ; Poh, E.K.; Li, D.
2010Flight control design with hierarchical dynamic inversionPeng, K. ; Lum, K.Y. ; Chen, B.M. 
2010Flight control of VTOL quadrotor aircraft via output feedbackLiao, F. ; Lum, K.-Y. ; Wang, J.L.