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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012SeVe: Automatic tool for verification of security protocolsLuu, A.T.; Sun, J.; Liu, Y. ; Dong, J.S. ; Li, X.; Quan, T.T.
Feb-2009Seven tuning schemes for an ADALINE model to predict floor pressures in a subsonic cavity flowEfe, M.Ö.; Debiasi, M. ; Peng Yan; Özbay, H.; Samimy, M.
Aug-2008Several algorithms for finite-model adaptive control partial answers to finite-model adaptive control problemMa, H. 
Jan-2011Several classes of even-variable balanced boolean functions with optimal algebraic immunityTan, C.-H. ; Goh, S.-T. 
2011Shape change of the upper surface of an airfoil by macro fiber composite actuatorsDebiasi, M. ; Bouremel, Y. ; Hock Hee, K.; Siao Chung, L. ; Tan Zhiwei, E.
15-Jul-2003Shift of resonance frequency of long conducting fibers embedded in a compositeMatitsine, S.M. ; Hock, K.M. ; Liu, L. ; Gan, Y.B. ; Lagarkov, A.N.; Rozanov, K.N.
2012Shooting and bouncing ray and physical optics for predicting the EM scattering of coated PEC objectsLiu, Z.-L. ; Wang, C.-F. 
2015Short-hairpin RNA library: Identification of therapeutic partners for gefitinib-resistant non-small cell lung cancerSudo M. ; Mori S.; Madan V. ; Yang H. ; Leong G. ; Koeffler H.P.
Apr-2009Side force suppression by dimples on ogive-cylinder bodyCui, Y.D. ; Tsai, H.M. 
2008Side force suppression by dimples on ogive-cylinder body at high angles of attackCui, Y.D. ; Tsai, H.M. 
2002Sideband suppression in time-modulated linear arrays by the differential evolution algorithmYang, S. ; Gan, Y.B. ; Qing, A. 
2011Signal amplification in a dynamic bistable system with directed topologyZhou, Y.; Zhou, J. ; Wang, X.
2008Similarity of a wall jet with a uniform external stream and tangential suctionTay, C.M. ; Mitsudharmadi, H. ; Tsai, H.M. 
2009Similarity study of the wall-jet-flow outer regionMitsudharmadi, H. ; Zhang, J.-M. ; Tay, C.M.J. 
2012Simulation of cavitating flows with isentropic one-fluid modelKhoo, B.C. ; Zheng, J.G.; Hu, Z.M. 
2007Simulation of electromagnetic radiation and scattering using hybrid higher order FETD-FDTD methodVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Li, L.-W. 
2012Simulation of EM structures using parallel DG-FETD methodHU FU-GANG ; Wang, C.-F. 
2012Simulation of transonic aeroservoelasticity using Cartesian-grid based flow solverZhang, X.Q.; Lai, K.L. 
Aug-2013Simulation of wave-flow-cavitation interaction using a compressible homogenous flow methodZheng, J.G.; Khoo, B.C. ; Hu, Z.M. 
5-May-2005Simulation, fabrication and testing of a left-handed microstrip couplerTan, Y.S.; Rao, X.S. ; Chen, L.F. ; Tan, C.Y. ; Ong, C.K.