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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Reliable robust flight tracking control: An LMI approachLiao, F.; Wang, J.L.; Yang, G.-H. 
Mar-2003Reliable robust preview tracking control against actuator faultsLiao, F.; Wang, J.; Yang, G.-H. 
Jun-2003Reliable state Feedback control synthesis for uncertain linear systemsYang, G.-H. ; Wang, J.L.; Soh, Y.C.; Lou, K.-Y.
Jul-2006Removal of spurious DC modes in edge element solutions for modeling three-dimensional resonatorsVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Lee, J.-F.
2010Resonance effect of direction-phase clusters in a scale-free networkZhou, Y.; Zhou, J.; Wang, X.; Guan, S. ; Lai, C.H. ; Liu, Z.
1-Feb-2011Resonancelike dispersion for W-type barium ferrite composites with c-axis anisotropyLi, Z.W. ; Yang, Z.H. ; Kong, L.B. 
2007Restoration of chopped and nodded images by frameletsCai, J.-F. ; Chan, R.; Shen, L.; Shen, Z. 
2011Reynolds-number dependency of the leading edge vortex on a fast pitch-up flat plateZhang, X. ; Chai, V.; Schlüter, J.U.
2009Riemann solvers on extended domains for higher order schemesDhanabalan, S.S. ; Yeo, K.S. 
Apr-2007Robust composite nonlinear feedback control with application to a servo positioning systemCheng, G. ; Peng, K. 
2013Robust formation and reconfiguration control for nonholonomic UAVs with dynamic constraintsLiao, F. ; Teo, R.; Wang, J.L.; Peng, K. 
19-Apr-2018Robust Linear Output Feedback Controller for Autonomous Landing of a Quadrotor on a Ship DeckChun Kiat Tan; Jian Liang Wang; Yew Chai Paw; Fang Liao 
25-Jul-2008Robust multipartite thermal entanglementKwong, C.C. ; Yeo, Y. 
2005Robust stability analysis of linear systems with affine parameter uncertaintiesYang, G.-H. ; Lum, K.-Y. 
2003Robust Stability and Performance Analysis for Parameter Dependent Systems using Mixed MultipliersYang, G.-H. ; Lum, K.-Y. 
2010Robust video denoising using Low rank matrix completionJi, H. ; Liu, C. ; Shen, Z. ; Xu, Y. 
2004ROI and FOI algorithms for wavelet-based video compressionLiu, C. ; Xia, T. ; Li, H. 
2013Role of deposition magnetic field on magnetic properties and their unusual thermal behaviors of FeCoZr films prepared by gradient composition sputteringPhuoc, N.N. ; Ong, C.K. 
1-Jul-2003Role of oxygen pressure in growth of CeAIOx thin films on Si by pulsed laser depositionYan, L. ; Kong, L.B. ; Pan, J.S.; Ong, C.K. 
2011Routing in the watts and strogatz small world networks revisitedHalim, F. ; Wu, Y. ; Yap, R.H.C.