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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2005Phase synchronization between two essentially different chaotic systemsGuan, S. ; Lai, C.-H. ; Wei, G.W.
Mar-2005Phase synchronization of a pair of spiral wavesZhan, M. ; Wang, X. ; Gong, X. ; Lai, C.-H. 
20-Oct-2013Phase transitions in ising model induced by weight redistribution on weighted regular networksLi, M. ; Fan, Y.; Wu, J.; Di, Z.
Oct-2008Phospholipase C5 (NPC5) is involved in galactolipid accumulation during phosphate limitation in leaves of ArabidopsisGaude, N.; Nakamura, Y. ; Scheible, W.-R.; Ohta, H.; Dörmann, P.
20-May-2009PHR regulates growth cone pausing at intermediate targets through microtubule disassemblyHendricks, M.; Jesuthasan, S. 
2008Physical access protection using continuous authenticationYap, R.H.C. ; Sim, T. ; Kwang, G.X.Y.; Ramnath, R. 
Mar-2011Physics of flow instability and turbulent transition in shear flowsHua-Shu, D. 
2011Pilocarpine and Nerve Agents Induced Seizures: Similarities and DifferencesTang, F.R. ; Loke, W.K.
2011Pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus alters hippocampal PKC expression in miceLiu, J.X.; Liu, Y.; Tang, F.R. 
2012Planning as model checking tasksLi, Y.; Sun, J.; Dong, J.S. ; Liu, Y. ; Sun, J.
Apr-2005Plant formin AtFH5 is an evolutionarily conserved actin nucleator involved in cytokinesisIngouff, M.; Fitz Gerald, J.N.; Guérin, C.; Robert, H.; Sørensen, M.B.; Van Damme, D.; Geelen, D.; Blanchoin, L.; Berger, F. 
1-Oct-2019PointAtrousNet: Point Atrous Convolution for Point Cloud AnalysisPan, Liang ; Wang, Pengfei ; Chew, Chee-Meng 
2009Position-only synthesis of antenna arrays using effectively informed Gaussian particle swarm algorithmLin, C.; Qing, A. ; Feng, Q.
2012Practical attacks on a cryptosystem proposed in patent WO/2009/066313Sekar, G. ; Preneel, B.
2018Prd1 associates with the clathrin adaptor ?-Adaptin and the kinesin-3 Imac/Unc-104 to govern dendrite pruning in DrosophilaZong W.; Wang Y. ; Tang Q.; Zhang H. ; Yu F. 
2009Preconditioned formulation of FE-BI equations with domain decomposition method for calculation of electromagnetic scattering from cavitiesHU FU-GANG ; Wang, C.-F. 
2008Preconditioner for modeling em scattering from cavities using FE-BI equations with domain decomposition methodHU FU-GANG ; Wang, C.-F. 
2013Precorrected-FFT method on graphics processing unitsPeng, S. ; Wang, C.-F. 
Jan-2005Precorrected-FFT solution of the volume integral equation for 3-D inhomogeneous dielectric objectsNie, X.-C. ; Li, L.-W. ; Yuan, N. ; Yeo, T.S. ; Gan, Y.-B. 
2003Precorrected-FFT solution of the volume integral equations for inhomogeneous dielectric bodiesNie, X.C. ; Li, L.W. ; Yuan, N. ; Yeo, T.S. ; Gan, Y.B.