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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2010A binary coding genetic algorithm for multi-purpose process scheduling: A case studyHe, Y. ; Hui, C.-W.
2004A conceptual and analytical framework for the management of risk in supply chainsGaonkar, R. ; Viswanadham, N. 
2004A development framework for rapid meta-heuristics hybridizationLau, H.C. ; Wan, W.C. ; Lim, M.K. ; Halim, S. 
1-Nov-2006A general framework on the simulation-based optimization under fixed computing budgetLee, L.H. ; Chew, E.P. ; Manikam, P. 
2005A generic object-oriented tabu search frameworkLau, H.C. ; Jia, X.; Wan, W.C. 
18-Nov-2017A heterogeneous fleet two-echelon capacitated location-routing model for joint delivery arising in city logisticsQuanwu Zhao; Wei Wang; Robert De Souza 
2008A hybrid approach to convoy movement planning in an urban cityThangarajoo, R. ; Agussurja, L. ; Lau, H.C.
2006A hybrid MIP/heuristic model for experience based driver assignmentLau, H.C.; Thangarajoo, R. ; Ng, K.M. 
2007A new method on gene selection for tissue classificationHao, Y.; Meng, F. 
Aug-2010A novel search framework for multi-stage process scheduling with tight due datesHe, Y. ; Hui, C.-W.
2011A POMDP model for guiding taxi cruising in a congested urban cityAgussurja, L. ; Lau, H.C.
Oct-2011A proposed framework for managing service parts in automotive and aerospace industriesde Souza, R.; Tan, A.W.K.; Othman, H. ; Garg, M. 
2006A regularized sample average approximation method for stochastic mathematical programs with nonsmooth equality constraintsMeng, F. ; Xu, H.
2007A resource planning model for professional services organizationsGoh, M. ; Balaji, K. ; DeSouza, R.; Eck, B.T.; Hu, J.; Ray, B.
2009A stochastic model for supply chain risk management using conditional value at riskGoh, M. ; Meng, F. 
Oct-2008A tax integrated approach for global supply chain network planningBalaji, K. ; Viswanadham, N. 
Apr-2007Analytical framework for the management of risk in supply chainsGaonkar, R.S. ; Viswanadham, N.
2007Application of Bayesian modeling to management information systems: A latent scores approachGupta, S. ; Kim, H.-W.
2005Bullwhip effect in integrated manufacturing and service networksViswanadham, N. ; Desai, V.; Gaonkar, R. 
Dec-2001Collaboration and information sharing in global contract manufacturing networksGaonkar, R. ; Viswanadham, N.