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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2007Analytical framework for the management of risk in supply chainsGaonkar, R.S. ; Viswanadham, N.
2007Application of Bayesian modeling to management information systems: A latent scores approachGupta, S. ; Kim, H.-W.
2005Bullwhip effect in integrated manufacturing and service networksViswanadham, N. ; Desai, V.; Gaonkar, R. 
Dec-2001Collaboration and information sharing in global contract manufacturing networksGaonkar, R. ; Viswanadham, N. 
Aug-2007Convergence analysis of sample average approximation methods for a class of stochastic mathematical programs with equality constraintsXu, H.; Meng, F. 
2006Converting virtual community members into online purchase customersSumeet, G. ; Kim, H.-W. ; Zheng, R.J.
24-Nov-2008Decision support for integrated refinery supply chains. Part 1. Dynamic simulationPitty, S.S.; Li, W. ; Adhitya, A.; Srinivasan, R. ; Karimi, I.A. 
2007Designing product list on e-tailing websites: The effect of sorting on consumer decisionShun, C. ; Yunjie, X. 
2008Designing product lists for e-commerce: The effects of sorting on consumer decision makingCai, S. ; Xu, Y. 
2007Developing the commitment to virtual community: The balanced effects of cognition and affectGupta, S. ; Kim, H.-W. 
2009Development and simulation analysis of real-time yard crane control systems for seaport container transshipment terminalsPetering, M.E.H.; Wu, Y. ; Li, W. ; Goh, M. ; de Souza, R.
2003Discrete event simulation model for airline operations: SIMAIRLee, L.H. ; Huang, H.C. ; Lee, C. ; Chew, E.P. ; Jaruphongsa, W. ; Yong, Y.Y. ; Liang, Z.; Leong, C.H. ; Tan, Y.P.; Namburi, K. ; Johnson, E.; Banks, J.
2010Distributed route planning and scheduling via hybrid conflict resolutionThangarajoo, R. ; Lau, H.C.
2007Dynamic multi-linked negotiations in multi-echelon production scheduling networksLau, H.C.; Soh, G.L.; Wan, W.C. 
Mar-2014Enhancement of patient and staff experience at outpatient pharmacy via optimization of drug-shelf reallocationOh, H.C. ; Wong, J.A.; Tan, M.C.
2005Evaluation of time-varying availability in multi-echelon inventory system under combat damageLau, H.C. ; Song, H. 
2005Evaluation of time-varying availability in multi-echelon spare parts systems with passivationLau, H.C. ; Song, H. ; See, C.T.; Cheng, S.Y.
Nov-2006Exponential convergence of sample average approximation methods for a class of stochastic mathematical programs with complementarity constraintsMeng, F.-W. ; Xu, H.-F.
16-May-2002Exponential dichotomies and Fredholm operator for parabolic equationsKwek, K.-H. ; Zhang, W.
2005Foreign direct investment or outsourcing: A supply chain decision modelViswanadham, N. ; Balaji, K.