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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Climate change and living cities: Global problems with local solutionsAnand, P. ; Seetharam, K. 
2019Data-Driven Patient Scheduling in Emergency Departments: A Hybrid Robust-Stochastic ApproachShuangchi He ; Melvyn Sim ; Meilin Zhang 
18-Mar-2016Evaluating replicability of laboratory experiments in economicsHO TECK HUA ; Colin F. Camerer ; Anna Dreber; Eskil Forsell; Jürgen Huber; Magnus Johannesson; Michael Kirchler; Johan Almenberg; Adam Altmejd; Taizan Chan ; Emma Heikensten; Felix Holzmeister; Taisuke Imai; Siri Isaksson; Gideon Nave; Thomas Pfeiffer; Michael Razen; Hang Wu 
18-Aug-2018Evaluating the replicability of social science experiments in Nature and Science between 2010 and 2015HO TECK HUA ; Colin F. Camerer ; Anna Dreber; Felix Holzmeister; Magnus Johannesson; Michael Kirchler; Gideon Nave; Brian A. Nosek; Thomas Pfeiffer; Adam Altmejd; Nick Buttrick; Taizan Chan ; Yiling Chen ; Eskil Forsell; Anup Gampa; Emma Heikensten; Lily Hummer; Taisuke Imai; Siri Isaksson; Dylan Manfredi; Julia Rose; Eric-Jan Wagenmakers; Hang Wu ; Jürgen Huber
2015Learning from inferred foregone payoffsHang, Wu ; Bayer R.-C.
Aug-2011Linkages and technology spillovers in the presence of foreign firms: Evidence from the Indian pharmaceutical industryPattnayak, S.S. ; Thangavelu, S.M.
2014Nrf2 null enhances UVB-induced skin inflammation and extracellular matrix damagesSaw, C.L.L ; Yang, A.Y; Huang, M.-T; Liu, Y; Lee, J.H; Khor, T.O; Su, Z.-Y; Shu, L; Lu, Y; Conney, A.H; Kong, A.N.T
Sep-2012Occupational safety and HIV risk among female sex workers in China: A mixed-methods analysis of sex-work harms and mommiesYi, H.; Zheng, T.; Wan, Y.; Mantell, J.E.; Park, M. ; Csete, J.
2020Robust Repositioning for Vehicle SharingHe, Long ; Hu, Zhenyu ; Zhang, Meilin 
23-Feb-2018Simulating an agent's decision-making process in black-box managerial environment: An estimation-and-optimisation approachChin Hon Tan ; Zhou He; Hang Wu 
31-Mar-2020A Systematic Review of COVID-19 Epidemiology Based on Current Evidence.Park, Minah ; Cook, Alex R ; Lim, Jue Tao; Sun, Yinxiaohe ; Dickens, Borame L 
18-Mar-2017Yellow taxis have fewer accidents than blue taxis because yellow is more visible than blueHO TECK HUA ; Juin Kuan Chong ; Xiaoyu Xu