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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2020Contribution to understanding the evolution of holometaboly: Transformation of internal head structures during the metamorphosis in the green lacewing Chrysopa pallens (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)Zhao, C; Ang, Y ; Wang, M; Gao, C; Zhang, K; Tang, C; Liu, X; Li, M; Yang, D; Meier, R 
2017Deep-sea spider crabs of the families epialtidae macleay, 1838 and inachidae macleay, 1838, from the South China Sea, with descriptions of two new species (Decapoda, Brachyura, Majoidea)Lee, B.Y ; Richer De Forges, B; Ng, P.K.L 
5-Apr-2019Diet and mitochondrial DNA haplotype of a sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) found dead off Jurong Island, SingaporeCHUA AIK HWEE MARCUS ; DAVID J.W. LANE; Ooi Seng Keat ; TAY HUI XIN SERENE ; TSUNEMI KUBODERA
2012Evolutionary History of Assassin Bugs (Insecta: Hemiptera: Reduviidae): Insights from Divergence Dating and Ancestral State ReconstructionHwang W.S. ; Weirauch C.
1-Jan-2019First photographic record of the Rusty-spotted Cat Prionailurus rubiginosus (I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1831) (Mammalia: Carnivora: Felidae) in Horton Plains National Park, Sri LankaNimalrathna, TS; CHOO YAN RU ; Kudavidanage, EP; Amarasinghe, TR; Bandara, UGSI; Wanninayaka, WACL; Ravindrakumar, P; CHUA AIK HWEE MARCUS ; WEBB,EDWARD LAYMAN 
2016Polyphyly of asian tree toads, genus pedostibes G鰊ther, 1876 (Anura: Bufonidae), and the description of a new genus from southeast AsiaChan K.O. ; Lee Grismer L.; Zachariah A.; Brown R.M.; Abraham R.K.
19-Jun-2015Preliminary checklist of the freshwater Gastropoda of BruneiNg Ting Hui ; Kahar, RS; Marshall, David J
12-Aug-2020Revision of the sesarmid crab genera Labuanium Serène and Soh, 1970, Scandarma Schubart, Liu and Cuesta, 2003 and Namlacium Serène and Soh, 1970 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Sesarmidae), with descriptions of four new genera and two new speciesTohru Naruse; Peter Ng 
2016Saving Tropical Forests by Knowing What We ConsumeGiam, X; Mani, L ; Koh, L.P; Tan, H.T.W 
12-Dec-2016Seed production and survival of four dipterocarp species in degraded forests in SingaporeKwek Yan Chong ; Rie Chong ; Lorraine Tan W.A. [can't find]; Alex Yee[Alumni; Marcus Chua ; Khoon Meng Wong; Hugh Tan 
14-Mar-2019Synonymy of Mangabea and Stenorhamphus, with the description oftwo new species (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Emesinae: Collartidini)Hwang Wei Song ; Smith, Samantha; Weirauch, Christiane
2018Taxonomy based on science is necessary for global conservationThomson S.A.; Pyle R.L.; Ahyong S.T.; Alonso-Zarazaga M.; Ammirati J.; Araya J.F.; Ascher J.S. ; Audisio T.L.; Azevedo-Santos V.M.; Bailly N.; Baker W.J.; Balke M.; Barclay M.V.L.; Barrett R.L.; Benine R.C.; Bickerstaff J.R.M.; Bouchard P.; Bour R.; Bourgoin T.; Boyko C.B.; Breure A.S.H.; Brothers D.J.; Byng J.W.; Campbell D.; Cer�aco L.M.P.; Cern�k I.; Cerretti P.; Chang C.-H.; Cho S.; Copus J.M.; Costello M.J.; Cseh A.; Csuzdi C.; Culham A.; D?El�a G.; d?Udekem d?Acoz C.; Daneliya M.E.; Dekker R.; Dickinson E.C.; Dickinson T.A.; van Dijk P.P.; Turtle ConservancyNY United States; Dijkstra K.-D.B.; Dima B.; Dmitriev D.A.; Duistermaat L.; Dumbacher J.P.; Eiserhardt W.L.; Ekrem T.; Evenhuis N.L.; Faille A.; Fern�ndez-Triana J.L.; Fiesler E.; Fishbein M.; Fordham B.G.; Freitas A.V.L.; Friol N.R.; Fritz U.; Fr?slev T.; Funk V.A.; Gaimari S.D.; Garbino G.S.T.; Garraffoni A.R.S.; Geml J.; Gill A.C.; Gray A.; Grazziotin F.G.; Greenslade P.; Guti�rrez E.E.; Harvey M.S.; Hazevoet C.J.; He K.; He X.; Helfer S.; Helgen K.M.; van Heteren A.H.; Hita Garcia F.; Holstein N.; Horv�th M.K.; Hovenkamp P.H.; Hwang W.S. ; Hyv�nen J.; Islam M.B.; Iverson J.B.; Ivie M.A.; Jaafar Z. ; Jackson M.D.; Jayat J.P.; Johnson N.F.; Kaiser H.; Klitg�rd B.B.; Knapp D.G.; Kojima J.-I.; K?ljalg U.; Kontsch�n J.; Krell F.-T.; Krisai-Greilhuber I.; Kullander S.; Latella L.; Lattke J.E.; Lencioni V.; Lewis G.P.; Lhano M.G.; Lujan N.K.; Luksenburg J.A.; Mariaux J.; Marinho-Filho J.; Marshall C.J.; Mate J.F.; McDonough M.M.; Michel E.; Miranda V.F.O.; Mitroiu M.-D.; Molinari J.; Monks S.; Moore A.J.; Moratelli R.; Mur�nyi D.; Nakano T.; Nikolaeva S.; Noyes J.; Ohl M.; Oleas N.H.; Orrell T.; P�ll-Gergely B.; Pape T.; Papp V.; Parenti L.R.; Patterson D.; Pavlinov I.Y.; Pine R.H.; Poczai P.; Prado J.; Prathapan D.; Rabeler R.K.; Randall J.E.; Rheindt F.E. ; Rhodin A.G.J.; Rodr�guez S.M.; Rogers D.C.; Roque F.D.O.; Rowe K.C.; Ruedas L.A.; Salazar-Bravo J.; Salvador R.B.; Sangster G.; Sarmiento C.E.; Schigel D.S.; Schmidt S.; Schueler F.W.; Segers H.; Snow N.; Souza-Dias P.G.B.; Stals R.; Stenroos S.; Stone R.D.; Sturm C.F.; ?tys P.; Teta P.; Thomas D.C.; Timm R.M.; Tindall B.J.; Todd J.A.; Triebel D.; Valdecasas A.G.; Vizzini A.; Vorontsova M.S.; de Vos J.M.; Wagner P.; Watling L.; Weakley A.; Welter-Schultes F.; Whitmore D.; Wilding N.; Will K.; Williams J.; Wilson K.; Winston J.E.; W�ster W.; Yanega D.; Yeates D.K.; Zaher H.; Zhang G.; Zhang Z.-Q.