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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Nov-2018Roads and landslides in Nepal: How development affects environmental riskMc Adoo, Brian Garland ; Quak Song Yun, Michelle ; Gnyawali, Kaushal R.; Adhikari, Basanta R.; Devkota, Sanjaya; Rajbhandari, Purna Lal; Sudmeier-Rieux, Karen
2012Role of direct repeat and stem-loop motifs in mtDNA deletions: Cause or coincidence?Lakshmanan L.N. ; Gruber J. ; Halliwell B. ; Gunawan R.
2013Sex-Biased Gene Expression during Head Development in a Sexually Dimorphic Stalk-Eyed FlyWilkinson G.S.; Johns P.M. ; Metheny J.D.; Baker R.H.
2017Single Image Deraining using Scale-Aware Multi-Stage Recurrent NetworkLi, Ruoteng ; Cheong, Loong-Fah ; Tan, Robby T 
2010Success in the DREAM3 signaling response challenge using simple weighted-average imputation: Lessons for community-wide experiments in systems biologyClarke N.D. ; Bourque G. 
2013Succession of ephemeral secondary forests and their limited role for the conservation of floristic diversity in a human-modified tropical landscapeVan Breugel M.; Hall J.S.; Craven D.; Bailon M.; Hernandez A.; Abbene M.; Van Breugel P.
2007The 2006 NESCent phyloinformatics hackathon: A field reportLapp H.; Bala S.; Balhoff J.P.; Bouck A.; Goto N.; Holder M.; Holland R.; Holloway A.; Katayama T.; Lewis P.O.; Mackey A.J.; Osborne B.I.; Piel W.H. ; Pond S.L.K.; Poon A.F.Y.; Qiu W.-G.; Stajich J.E.; Stoltzfus A.; Thierer T.; Vilella A.J.; Vos R.A.; Zmasek C.M.; Zwickl D.J.; Vision T.J.
1-Dec-2014The geography and carbon footprint of mobile phone use in Cote d'IvoireSalnikov, Vsevolod; Schien, Daniel; Youn, Hyejin; Lambiotte, Renaud; Gastner, Michael T 
15-Oct-2012The geometry of percolation fronts in two-dimensional lattices with spatially varying densitiesGastner, Michael T ; Oborny, Beata
26-Jun-2019The impact of hypocrisy on opinion formation: A dynamic modelGastner, Michael T ; Takacs, Karoly; Gulyas, Mate; Szvetelszky, Zsuzsanna; Oborny, Beata
3-Mar-2015The Ising chain constrained to an even or odd number of positive spinsGASTNER, MICHAEL THORSTEN 
27-Mar-2019The Market for 33 Percent Interest Loans: Financial Inclusion and Microfinance in IndiaMarkus Pauli 
1-Mar-2017The new realism and the oldTerry Nardin 
16-Apr-2019The Perils of GeoeconomicsDong Jung Kim 
1-Jun-2013The risk of marine bioinvasion caused by global shippingSeebens, H; Gastner, MT ; Blasius, B
2016The role of mitochondrial non-enzymatic protein acylation in ageingHong S.Y.; Ng L.T.; Ng L.F.; Inoue T.; Tolwinski N.S. ; Hagen T. ; Gruber J. 
1-Jan-2006The spatial structure of networksGastner, MT ; Newman, MEJ
2013The taxonomic name resolution service: An online tool for automated standardization of plant namesBoyle B.; Hopkins N.; Lu Z.; Raygoza Garay J.A.; Mozzherin D.; Rees T.; Matasci N.; Narro M.L.; Piel W.H. ; Mckay S.J.; Lowry S.; Freeland C.; Peet R.K.; Enquist B.J.
7-Jun-2016The topology of large Open Connectome networks for the human brainGastner, Michael T ; Odor, Geza
2010Towards a rigorous assessment of systems biology models: The DREAM3 challengesPrill R.J.; Marbach D.; Saez-Rodriguez J.; Sorger P.K.; Alexopoulos L.G.; Xue X.; Clarke N.D. ; Altan-Bonnet G.; Stolovitzky G.