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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Feb-2018Passing through Shanghai: Ethnographic Insights into the Mobile Lives of Expatriate YouthsYi'En Cheng 
2018Pathways to coastal resiliency: The Adaptive Gradients FrameworkHamin, E.M; Abunnasr, Y; Dilthey, M.R; Judge, P.K; Kenney, M.A; Kirshen, P; Sheahan, T.C; DeGroot, D.J; Ryan, R.L; McAdoo, B.G ; Nurse, L; Buxton, J.A; Sutton-Grier, A.E; Albright, E.A; Marin, M.A; Fricke, R
2018Phosphatase activity and nitrogen fixation reflect species differences, not nutrient trading or nutrient balance, across tropical rainforest treesBatterman S.A.; Hall J.S.; Turner B.L.; Hedin L.O.; LaHaela Walter J.K.; Sheldon P.; van Breugel M. 
2020Political Power and Depoliticised Acquiescence: Spinoza and AristocracyField, Sandra Leonie 
1-Jan-2019Politics in participatory guarantee systems for organic food productionMONTEFRIO, MARVIN JOSEPH FONACIER ; JOHNSON, ALAINE TAYLOR
2020Potentia: Hobbes and Spinoza on Power and Popular PoliticsField, Sandra Leonie 
29-Mar-2018Pragmatism in Indian Strategic Thought: Evidence from the Nuclear Weapons Debate of the 1960sRohan Mukherjee ; Rahul Sagar
1-Sep-2003Pressing Engagement: Sartre’s Littérature, Beauvoir’s Literature, and the Lingering Uncertainty of Literary ActivismBaker, Geoffrey Allen 
19-Sep-2008Price of anarchy in transportation networks: Efficiency and optimality controlYoun, Hyejin; Gastner, Michael T ; Jeong, Hawoong
30-Jan-2009Price of Anarchy in Transportation Networks: Efficiency and Optimality Control (vol 101, art no 128701, 2008)Youn, Hyejin; Gastner, Michael T ; Jeong, Hawoong
2016Ptk7 and Mcc, unfancied components in non-canonical Wnt signaling and cancerDunn, N.R; Tolwinski, N.S 
27-Mar-2019Punishment and Ethical Self-Cultivation in Confucius and AristotleMatthew D Walker 
2018Review of Hobbes and the Two Faces of Ethics, by Arash AbizadehField, Sandra Leonie 
30-Nov-2018Roads and landslides in Nepal: How development affects environmental riskMc Adoo, Brian Garland ; Quak Song Yun, Michelle ; Gnyawali, Kaushal R.; Adhikari, Basanta R.; Devkota, Sanjaya; Rajbhandari, Purna Lal; Sudmeier-Rieux, Karen
2012Role of direct repeat and stem-loop motifs in mtDNA deletions: Cause or coincidence?Lakshmanan L.N. ; Gruber J. ; Halliwell B. ; Gunawan R.
20-Sep-2011Scaling and entropy in p-median facility location along a lineGastner, Michael T 
2013Sex-Biased Gene Expression during Head Development in a Sexually Dimorphic Stalk-Eyed FlyWilkinson G.S.; Johns P.M. ; Metheny J.D.; Baker R.H.
1-Jan-2006Shape and efficiency in spatial distribution networksGastner, MT ; Newman, MEJ
2017Single Image Deraining using Scale-Aware Multi-Stage Recurrent NetworkLi, Ruoteng ; Cheong, Loong-Fah ; Tan, Robby T 
2015Sleep deprivation alters choice strategy without altering uncertainty or loss aversion preferencesMullette-Gillman O.A. ; Kurnianingsih Y.A. ; Liu J.C.J.