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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Object Tracking using Spatio-Temporal Networks for Future Prediction LocationYuan Liu ; Ruoteng Li ; Yu Cheng ; Robby T. Tan ; Xiubao Sui
2020On possible transformation of everyday life in North Korea via referencing other East Asian socialist nations in transitionBeng Huat CHUA 
2012On the use of adaptive resemblance terms in chemical ecologyVon Beeren, C; Pohl, S ; Witte, V
2014Opinion formation models on a gradientGastner M.T. ; Markou N.; Pruessner G.; Draief M.
1-Jul-2006Optimal design of spatial distribution networksGastner, Michael T ; Newman, MEJ
1-Jun-2003Other Capital: Investment, Return, Alterity and The Merchant of VeniceBaker, Geoffrey Allen 
7-Feb-2018Passing through Shanghai: Ethnographic Insights into the Mobile Lives of Expatriate YouthsYi'En Cheng 
2018Pathways to coastal resiliency: The Adaptive Gradients FrameworkHamin, E.M; Abunnasr, Y; Dilthey, M.R; Judge, P.K; Kenney, M.A; Kirshen, P; Sheahan, T.C; DeGroot, D.J; Ryan, R.L; McAdoo, B.G ; Nurse, L; Buxton, J.A; Sutton-Grier, A.E; Albright, E.A; Marin, M.A; Fricke, R
2018Phosphatase activity and nitrogen fixation reflect species differences, not nutrient trading or nutrient balance, across tropical rainforest treesBatterman S.A.; Hall J.S.; Turner B.L.; Hedin L.O.; LaHaela Walter J.K.; Sheldon P.; van Breugel M. 
2020Political Power and Depoliticised Acquiescence: Spinoza and AristocracyField, Sandra Leonie 
1-Jan-2019Politics in participatory guarantee systems for organic food productionMONTEFRIO, MARVIN JOSEPH FONACIER ; JOHNSON, ALAINE TAYLOR
2020Potentia: Hobbes and Spinoza on Power and Popular PoliticsField, Sandra Leonie 
29-Mar-2018Pragmatism in Indian Strategic Thought: Evidence from the Nuclear Weapons Debate of the 1960sRohan Mukherjee ; Rahul Sagar
1-Sep-2003Pressing Engagement: Sartre’s Littérature, Beauvoir’s Literature, and the Lingering Uncertainty of Literary ActivismBaker, Geoffrey Allen 
19-Sep-2008Price of anarchy in transportation networks: Efficiency and optimality controlYoun, Hyejin; Gastner, Michael T ; Jeong, Hawoong
30-Jan-2009Price of Anarchy in Transportation Networks: Efficiency and Optimality Control (vol 101, art no 128701, 2008)Youn, Hyejin; Gastner, Michael T ; Jeong, Hawoong
2016Ptk7 and Mcc, unfancied components in non-canonical Wnt signaling and cancerDunn, N.R; Tolwinski, N.S 
27-Mar-2019Punishment and Ethical Self-Cultivation in Confucius and AristotleMatthew D Walker 
2018Review of Hobbes and the Two Faces of Ethics, by Arash AbizadehField, Sandra Leonie 
30-Nov-2018Roads and landslides in Nepal: How development affects environmental riskMc Adoo, Brian Garland ; Quak Song Yun, Michelle ; Gnyawali, Kaushal R.; Adhikari, Basanta R.; Devkota, Sanjaya; Rajbhandari, Purna Lal; Sudmeier-Rieux, Karen