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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Editorial statementChen Kuan-Hsing ; Beng Huat CHUA 
26-Jan-2018Educated non-elites? pathways to cosmopolitanism: the case of private degree students in SingaporeYi'En Cheng 
12-Nov-2018Educational Friction: Striated Routes, Transitions Velocity, and Value Recuperation among Singaporean Private Degree StudentsYi' En Cheng 
2013Efficient selection and evaluation of transgenic lines of crambe abyssinicaLi, X; Fan, J; Gruber, J ; Guan, R; Frentzen, M; Zhu, L.-H
4-Oct-2019Emerging Digital Environmental Governance in China: The Case of Black and Smelly Waters in ChinaAngel Hsu ; Zhi Yi Yeo; Amy Weinfurter
1-Jun-2004Empiricism and Empire: Orientalist Antiquing in Balzac’s Peau de chagrinBaker, Geoffrey Allen 
1-Jun-2018Empiricism, Evidence Law, and EmmaBaker, Geoffrey Allen 
2016Energy crisis precedes global metabolic failure in a novel Caenorhabditis elegans Alzheimer Disease modelFong S.; Teo E.; Ng L.F.; Chen C.-B.; Lakshmanan L.N.; Tsoi S.Y.; Moore P.K.; Inoue T. ; Halliwell B. ; Gruber J. 
2015Environmental gap analysis to prioritize conservation efforts in eastern AfricaVan Breugel P.; Kindt R.; Barnekow Lillesø J.-P.; Van Breugel M. 
2017Epidermal growth factor pathway signaling in Drosophila embryogenesis: Tools for understanding cancerLusk J.B.; Lam V.Y.M.; Tolwinski N.S. 
2012Evaluating Methods for Isolating Total RNA and Predicting the Success of Sequencing Phylogenetically Diverse Plant TranscriptomesJohnson M.T.J.; Carpenter E.J.; Tian Z.; Bruskiewich R.; Burris J.N.; Carrigan C.T.; Chase M.W.; Clarke N.D. ; Covshoff S.; dePamphilis C.W.; Edger P.P.; Goh F.; Graham S.; Greiner S.; Hibberd J.M.; Jordon-Thaden I.; Kutchan T.M.; Leebens-Mack J.; Melkonian M.; Miles N.; Myburg H.; Patterson J.; Pires J.C.; Ralph P.; Rolf M.; Sage R.F.; Soltis D.; Soltis P.; Stevenson D.; Stewart C.N.; Surek B.; Thomsen C.J.M.; Villarreal J.C.; Wu X.; Zhang Y.; Deyholos M.K.; Wong G.K.-S.
19-Nov-2019Evidence of Rotational Fröhlich Coupling in Polaronic TrionsTrushin, Maxim ; Sarkar, Soumya ; Mathew, Sinu ; Goswami, Sreetosh ; Sahoo, Prasana; Wang, Yan; Yang, Jieun; Li, Weiwei; MacManus-Driscoll, Judith L; Chhowalla, Manish; Adam, Shaffique ; Venkatesan, T 
2017Expect With Me: Development and evaluation design for an innovative model of group prenatal care to improve perinatal outcomesCunningham, S.D; Lewis, J.B; Thomas, J.L; Grilo, S.A; Ickovics, J.R 
2005Explicit equilibrium modeling of transcription-factor binding and gene regulation.Granek J.A.; Clarke N.D. 
2014Expression profiling of RNA transcripts during neuronal maturation and ischemic injuryKaur P. ; Karolina D.S. ; Sepramaniam S. ; Armugam A. ; Jeyaseelan K. 
6-Mar-2018Fast flow-based algorithm for creating density-equalizing map projectionsGastner, Michael T ; Seguy, Vivien; More, Pratyush
2011Fatty acyl-CoA reductases of birdsHellenbrand, J; Biester, E.-M; Gruber, J ; Hamberg, M; Frentzen, M
2016Flux balance analysis of plant metabolism: The effect of biomass composition and model structure on model predictionsYuan, H; Cheung, C.Y.M ; Hilbers, P.A.J; van Riel, N.A.W
17-Jan-2020Four arenas: Malaysia's 2018 election, reform, and democratizationKai Ostwald; Steven Oliver 
12-May-2020Freedom in a physical worldAndrew Bailey