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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A multi-institutional survey on faculty development needs, priorities and preferences in medical education in an Asian medical school.Amin Z. ; Khoo H.E. ; Chong Y.S. ; Tan C.H. ; Goh P.S. ; Samarasekera D.D. ; Chan Y.H. ; Koh D.R. 
1-Dec-2018A novel vibration-induced exercise paradigm improves fitness and lipid metabolism of Caenorhabditis elegansTeo E. ; Batchu K.C. ; Barardo D.; Xiao L.; Cazenave-Gassiot A. ; Tolwinski N. ; Wenk M. ; Halliwell B. ; Gruber J. 
2004A nuclear function for armadillo/?-cateninTolwinski N.S. ; Wieschaus E.
2012A Single Origin for Nymphalid Butterfly Eyespots Followed by Widespread Loss of Associated Gene ExpressionOliver J.C.; Tong X.-L.; Gall L.F.; Piel W.H. ; Monteiro A. 
1-Sep-2017Am I Allowed To Be Pregnant?: Awareness of Pregnancy Protection Laws Among Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong KongAnju Mary Paul ; Pearlyn Neo 
31-Jan-2019Antiferromagnetism and chiral d-wave superconductivity from an effective $t-J-D$ model for twisted bilayer grapheneGu, Xingyu; Chen, Chuan ; Leaw, Jia Ning ; Laksono, Evan ; Pereira, Vitor M ; Vignale, Giovanni ; Adam, Shaffique 
25-Sep-2018Applying political philosophy to real-world casesField, Sandra Leonie 
26-Apr-2019Area Studies and the crisis of legitimacy: a view from South East AsiaChua Beng Huat ; Ken Dean ; Ho Engseng ; Kong Chong Ho ; Jonathan Rigg; Brenda Yeoh 
2016Attack risk for butterflies changes with eyespot number and sizeHo S.; Schachat S.R.; Piel W.H. ; Monteiro A. 
18-Oct-2019Bent on the Dark: Negative Perception in Djuna Barnes's NightwoodCarissa Foo 
2019Beyond Fortune 500: Women in a Global Network of Directors.Evtushenko, Anna; Gastner, Michael T 
15-Aug-2019Black and Smelly Waters: How Citizen-Generated Transparency is Addressing Gaps in China's Environmental ManagementAngel Hsu ; Amy Weinfurter ; Jeffrey Tong; Yihao Xie 
2010Blurring of high-resolution data shows that the effect of intrinsic nucleosome occupancy on transcription factor binding is mostly regional, not localGoh W.S.; Orlov Y.; Li J.; Clarke N.D. 
1-Dec-2018Bridging trees for posterior inference on ancestral recombination graphsHEINE, K; BESKOS, A ; JASRA, A ; BALDING, D ; DE IORIO, M 
2016C. elegans miro-1 mutation reduces the amount of mitochondria and extends life spanShen Y. ; Ng L.F. ; Low N.P.W.; Hagen T. ; Gruber J. ; Inoue T. 
2019Certainty-Driven Consistency Loss for Semi-supervised LearningLi, Yiting ; Liu, Lu; Tan, Robby T 
2013Changes in rainfall interception along a secondary forest succession gradient in lowland PanamaZimmermann B.; Zimmermann A.; Scheckenbach H.L.; Schmid T.; Hall J.S.; Van Breugel M. 
2-Nov-2016Cities within Cities: Intra-Urban Comparison of Infrastructure in Mumbai, Delhi and Cape TownColin Mcfarlane; Jonathan Silver; Yaffa Truelove 
2011Complex interactions between GSK3 and aPKC in drosophila embryonic epithelial morphogenesisKaplan N.A.; Colosimo P.F.; Liu X.; Tolwinski N.S. 
2015Context-Dependent Role of Mitochondrial Fusion-Fission in Clonal Expansion of mtDNA MutationsTam Z.Y.; Gruber J. ; Halliwell B. ; Gunawan R.