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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2012On Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine and Patient-Centred CareChan Tuck Wai 
Mar-2012Patients' experiences on donation of their residual biological samples and the impact of these experiences on the type of consent given for the future research use of the tissue: A systematic reviewCHAN TUCK WAI ; SANDRA JANE MACKEY ; DESLEY GAIL HEGNEY 
2019Protective smell of hydrogen sulfide and polysulfide in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicityCao X. ; Zhang W.; Moore P.K. ; Bian J. 
Nov-2011Quasi-linear viscoelastic modeling of arterial wall for surgical simulationYang, T.; Chui, C.K. ; Yu, R.Q. ; Qin, J.; Chang, S.K.Y.
Apr-2012The Closure of the National Bio-bank in SingaporeChan Tuck Wai 
Feb-2016Tissue Banking in Singapore - An Evolving EnterpriseChan Tuck Wai 
Nov-2010Transgenic Expression of Walleye Dermal Sarcoma Virus rv-cyclin Gene in Zebrafish and Its Suppressive Effect on Liver Tumor Development After Carcinogen TreatmentZhan, H. ; Spitsbergen, J.M.; Qing, W.; Wu, Y.L. ; Paul, T.A.; Casey, J.W.; Her, G.M.; Gong, Z. 
Jan-2012Value of alpha-foetoprotein for screening of recurrence in hepatocellular carcinoma post resectionChang, S.K.Y.; Hlaing, W.W.; Yu, R.Q. ; Lee, T.W.V.; Ganpathi, I.S.; Madhavan, K.K.
Mar-2011What nurses need to know about Buddhist perspectives of end-of-life care and dyingCHAN TUCK WAI ; POON WING HONG EDWARD ; DESLEY GAIL HEGNEY