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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Uncertain Borders: Territorial Disputes in AsiaFrancesco Mancini 
31-Jan-2019Uncertainty, Shifting Power and Credible Signals in US-China Relations: Why the "Thucydides Trap" Is Real, but LimitedBrandon K. Yoder 
25-Jun-2019Uncovering the Aspirations to Be a Leading Local Government: A Content Analysis ApproachNaomi Aoki 
24-Jan-2017Understanding co-production as a policy tool: integrating new public governance and comparative policy theoryMichael Howlett ; Anka Kekez; Ora Poocharoen
2019Understanding emergent participation practices in water governancevan Buuren A.; van Meerkerk I.; Tortajada C. 
22-Aug-2012Understanding Feasibility in Climate Change Adaptation Planning: Structural-Functionalism ...Wellstead, Adam; Howlett, Michael 
Feb-2014Understanding the pre-conditions of commons governance: The role of network managementGiest, S.; Howlett, M. 
2014Uniting political bloggers in diversity: Collective identity and web activismSoon, C. ; Kluver, R.
18-Jul-2018University Enrollment Expansion and Returns to Higher Education: Evidence from ChinaYe L.; Wu A.M. ; Yang X.
3-Feb-2018Unpacking the "political-institutional complex": The role of physical and institutional infrastructures in Indonesia's decentralization reformYee, Wai-Hang ; Li, Hui 
14-Mar-2020An Urban Composite Development Index based on China's Five Development ConceptsTan Khee Giap ; Zhang Xuyao ; Song Lin
Jun-2016Urban water security under climate uncertaintySreeja Nair
2018Urban water security: A reviewHoekstra, A.Y. ; Buurman, J. ; Van Ginkel, K.C.H.
2007Urbanization and slum formationOoi, G.L.; Phua, K.H. 
11-Dec-2018Varieties of Collaboration in Public Service DeliveryAnka Kekez; Michael Howlett ; M Ramesh 
14-Dec-2018Water demand framework and water development: The case of ChinaWang Y.; Wan T.; Tortajada C. 
4-Oct-2019Water Governance in India: Evidence on Water Law, Policy, and Administration from Eight Indian StatesMasood Ahmed; Eduardo Araral 
2010Water governance: A research agendaTortajada, C. 
2010Water governance: Some critical issuesTortajada, C. 
28-Oct-2016Water Leaders Summit 2016: Future of World’s Water beyond 2030 – a retrospective analysisNishtha Manocha ; Chong Joon Chuah