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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2018Tackling an Invisible PollutantTara Thean 
28-Jan-2020Taking Control: Active Investment Choice in Singapore's National Defined Contribution SchemeFong, J.H. 
12-Mar-2019Taking Stock of Singapore’s Public Housing RenewalJean Chia 
2013Talent Management in the Public Sector: A Comparative Study of Singapore, Malaysia and ThailandPoochaoren, Orn-orn ; Lee, Khiaw Peng Celia 
Nov-2012Teaching public policy in East Asia: aspirations, potentials and challengesWu, Xun ; Lai, Allen Yu-Hung; Choi, Do Lim
2018Technology and instrument constituencies as agents of innovation: Sustainability transitions and the governance of urban transportGoyal, N ; Howlett, M 
1-May-2018Technology Brief: Blockchain - Risks and OpportunitiesLim Wei Chieh
Aug-2020Technology Brief: Content is King - Copyright and Redistribution OnlineJennifer Dodgson
Aug-2020Technology Brief: Distributed Ledger Technologies and Blockchain - (R)evolution?Eddie Choo 
Aug-2020Technology Brief: Facebook’s Libra CurrencyEddie Choo 
Aug-2020Technology Brief: Facial RecognitionJennifer Dodgson
Aug-2020Technology Brief: Neither a Lender nor a Borrower Be - Troubles in the P2P Lending MarketJennifer Dodgson
Aug-2020Technology Brief: Rethinking the social compact in the AI age - Is a social investment stipend better than a universal basic income?Jean Chia 
Aug-2020Technology Brief: Robocop - The Future of Legal Artificial IntelligenceJennifer Dodgson
Aug-2020Technology Brief: Singapore’s transition towards a cashless society - Shaping the e-payments landscapeJean Chia 
Aug-2020Technology Brief: The Law and Policy Implications of 3D PrintingJennifer Dodgson
Aug-2020Technology Brief: The Rise of the Machines - Technological Unemployment in the 21st CenturyJennifer Dodgson
Aug-2020Technology Brief: What’s in Name? The Value and Ownership of DataJennifer Dodgson
2013Ten fundamental questions for water resources development in the Ganges: Myths and realitiesSadoff, C.; Harshadeep, N.R.; Blackmore, D.; Wu, X. ; O'Donnell, A.; Jeuland, M.; Lee, S.; Whittington, D.
26-Apr-2013The "Lumpiness" Thesis Revisited: The Venures of Policy Work and the Distribution of Analytical ...Howlett, Michael ; Yong, Pung How; Tan, Seck Leng ; Migone, Andrea; Wellstead, Adam; Evans, Bryan