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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2019Racial Revolution: Understanding the Resurgence of Minority Ethnic Identity in Modern ChinaANDREW MICHAEL FRANCIS-TAN ; MU ZHENG 
Jun-2016Ramping Up Recycling in SingaporeTara Thean
30-Dec-2009Re-visiting Meltsner: Policy Advice Systems and the Multi-Dimensional Nature of Professional Policy AnalysisHowlett, Michael ; Wellstead, Adam M.
2013Real exchange rate fluctuations and the relative importance of nontradablesOuyang, A.Y.; Rajan, R.S. 
2008Realigning public and private health care in southeast AsiaRamesh, M. ; Wu, X. 
Nov-2008Reasserting the role of the state in the healthcare sector: Lessons from AsiaRamesh, M. 
17-Mar-2019Redesigning Retirement Investing: Fixing the Central Provident Fund Investment Scheme in SingaporeLeong Yoke Leng
Oct-2012Reducing Disparities and Enhancing Sustainability in Asian Pension SystemsGuerard, Yves; Asher, Mukul Govindji ; Park, Donghyun; Estrada, Gemma Bolotaulo
19-Apr-2017Reducing Information Asymmetry and Enhancing Economic Literacy in Principles CoursesChang Yee Kwan ; Yvonne Jie Chen ; Namrata Chindarkar ; Dodo Jesuthason Thampapillai 
24-Jan-2020Refining National Greenhouse Gas InventoriesLeehi Yona; Benjamin Cashore ; Robert B. Jackson; Jean Ometto; Mark A. Bradford
19-Oct-2018Reflections on the Citizens’ Jury for theWar on DiabetesCarol Soon ; Valerie Yeo 
2010Reform of water institutions: Review of evidences and international experiencesAraral, E. 
1-Jan-2014Reform, resistance and empowerment: Constructing the public city from the grassroots in Jakarta, IndonesiaPadawangi, R. 
18-Oct-2019Reforming while maintaining job security: a goodidea? The case of the Kazakhstani public serviceASSEL MUSSAGULOVA; ZEGER VAN DER WAL 
2018Regional Health Security: An Overview of Strengthening ASEAN’s Capacities for the International Health RegulationsGianna Gayle Herrera Amul; Pangestu, Tikki 
Jun-1999Regional Responses To The Southeast Asian Economic Crisis: A Case Of Self-Help Or No Help?Chang Li Lin; Ramkishen S. Rajan 
17-Jun-2020Regulating human control over autonomous systemsFirlej, Mikolaj; Taeihagh, Araz 
2-Jan-2010Regulating Microfinance: A Suggested FrameworkShankar, Savita; Asher, Mukul Govindji 
1-Jun-2017Regulating Public Transport Fares in Singapore - What Can We Afford?Jean Chia 
2014Regulatory Compliance When the Rule of Law is Weak: Evidence from China's Environmental ReformYee, Wai Hang ; Tang, Shui Yan; Lo, Wing Hung Carlos