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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2020Narratives of Sanitation: Motivating Toilet Use in IndiaLeong Ching 
2015Nephrotoxic contaminants in drinking water and urine, and chronic kidney disease in rural Sri LankaRango, Tewodros; Jeuland, Marc Alan ; Manthrithilake, Herath; McCornick, Peter G
2010New Asian Perspectives on GovernanceMahbubani, K. 
2013New Technology and the Prevention of Violence and ConflictFrancesco Mancini ; Marie O’Reilly
3-Jun-2020A New Way for Asia to Lead in Global COVID-19 RecoveryQuah, Danny 
2015Non-revenue water and cost recovery in urban India: The case of BangaloreMukherjee M ; Chindarkar N; Gronwall J.
15-Jan-2020Nurturing Villages and Safeguarding Community: A Case Study of Beyond Social ServicesLee Hing Giap Justin ; Lim, Andrew ; Sim, Jui Liang ; Zainuddin, Shamil ; Devadas, Dhevarajan 
2014Observed changes in the water flow at Chiang Saen in the lower Mekong: Impacts of Chinese dams?Lu X.X. ; Li S. ; Kummu M.; Padawangi R. ; Wang J.J.
Feb-2012Off-street parking policy surprises in Asian citiesBarter, P.A. 
Sep-2010Off-street parking policy without parking requirements: A need for market fostering and regulationBarter, P.A. 
9-Sep-2019Offsetting Uncertainty: Reassurance with Two-Sided Incomplete InformationKYLE HAYNES; BRANDON K. YODER 
6-May-2019Open-Ended Questionnaire on the Significance of Different Types of Protest in ChinaJennifer Dodgson
6-May-2019Open-Ended Questionnaire Regarding Voting Choices in JapanJennifer Dodgson
1-Jul-2020Original Sin and Deviations from Covered Interest ParityZheng Huanhuan 
20-Sep-2019Out-of-pocket health spending among Medicare beneficiaries: Which chronic diseases are most costly?Fong, J.H. 
2008Outsourcing and fragmentation in Singapore's manufacturing industryThangvelu, S.M. ; Toh, M.H. ; Ng, K.K. 
2008Outsourcing and fragmentation in Singapore's manufacturing industryThangvelu, S.M. ; Toh, M.H. ; Ng, K.K. 
1-Jul-2020Overcoming barriers to developing and diffusing fuel-cell vehicles: Governance strategies and experiences in JapanTrencher, G; ARAZ TAEIHAGH ; Yarime, M
2015Overlapping Values, Mutual Prejudices: Empirical Research into the Ethos of Police Officers and Private Security GuardsVan Steden, Ronald; Van Der Wal, Zeger ; Lasthuizen, Karin
2009Paradigm shift in public administration: Implications for teaching in professional training programsWu, X. ; He, J.