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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2020ICT as a Driver of Economic Growth: A Survey of the Literature and Directions for Future ResearchKhuong Vu Minh ; Payam Hanafizadeh; Erik Bohlin
1-May-2011ICT as a source of economic growth in the information age: Empirical evidence from the 1996-2005 periodVu, Minh Khuong 
May-2011ICT as a source of economic growth in the information age: Empirical evidence from the 19962005 periodVu, K.M. 
13-Jul-2020Immigration and Public Attitudes Towards Social Assistance: Evidence from Hong KongShen Yang; Bo Miao; Alfred M. Wu 
Feb-2013Immigration issues, challenges and policy: A view from New ZealandWard, C.; Tabor, A.; Leong, C.-H. 
10-Nov-2019Impact of Drinking Water Salinity on Children's Education: Empirical Evidence from Coastal BangladeshSONIA AKTER 
2011Impact of New Media on General Election 2011Tan Tarn How 
12-Jan-2016"Impacts of droughts and floods in cities: Policies and governance", World Water Week, Stockholm, 31/08/2016Martin Stavenhagen 
1-Oct-2019Implementation of Provider Payment System Reforms in the Age of Universal Health Coverage: A Realist Review of Evidence from Asian Developing CountriesSi Ying Tan ; GJ Melendez-Torres; Tikki Pang 
2009Implementing transition management as policy reforms: A case study of the Dutch energy sectorKern, F.; Howlett, M. 
Nov-2003Implications Of The Economic Rise Of The Prc For Asean And India: Trade And Foreign Direct InvestmentSadhana Srivastava; Ramkishen S. Rajan 
2009Impressions of the Goh Chok Tong Years in SingaporeBridget Welsh; James Chin; Arun Mahizhnan ; Tan Tarn How 
2010Improving effectiveness and efficiency in the water sector: Institutions, infrastructure and indicatorsAraral, E. 
17-Oct-2014Improving Global Water Governance: Dealing with Weak International Regimes through Enhanced Multi-Level GovernanceHowlett, Michael Patrick ; Shivakoti, Richa
1-Apr-2020Improving the Welfare of Platform Workers in SingaporeZeng Hongde, Nicholas
2005In Good Company? The Role of Business in Security Sector ReformFrancesco Mancini 
2006Incentive compatibility and conflict resolution in international river basins: A case study of the Nile basinWu, X. ; Whittington, D.
20-Jan-2016Increasing child immunization through uninterrupted powerChen, Yvonne Jie ; Chindarkar, Namrata Ravindra ; Xiao, Yun 
2015Increasing negativity of age stereotypes across 200 years: Evidence from a database of 400 million wordsNg R. ; Allore H.G.; Trentalange M.; Monin J.K.; Levy B.R.
2010Index of drinking water adequacy for the Asian economiesKallidaikurichi, S. ; Rao, B.