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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Hard Choices: Challenging the Singapore ConsensusSudhir Thomas Vadaketh; Donald Low 
1-Jul-2020Harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Increase Wellbeing for All: The Case for a New Technology DiplomacyClaudio Feijóo; Youngsun Kwon; Johannes M. Bauer; Erik Bohlin; Bronwyn Howell; Rekha Jain; Petrus Potgieter; Khuong Vu ; Jason Whalley; Jun Xia
31-Oct-2017Has China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Slowed Down Growth?Eduardo Araral ; LI HUI ; Vu Minh Khuong ; Kris Hartley
2009Health care reforms in developing Asia: Propositions and realitiesWu, X. ; Ramesh, M.
2009Health policy reform in China: Lessons from AsiaRamesh, M.; Wu, X. 
9-May-2018Hedging for Better Bets: Power Shifts, Credible Signals, and Preventive ConflictYoder B.K. 
2015Heroes and villains of world history across culturesHanke, Katja; Liu, James; Sibley, Chris G.; Páez, Darío R.; Gaines, Stanley O.; Moloney, Gail; Leong Chan Hoong ; Wagner, Wolfgang Rainer; Licata, Laurent; Klein, Olivier; Garber, Ilya E.; Böhm, Gisela; Hilton, Denis J.; Valchev, Velichko H.; Khan, Sammyh S.; Cabecinhas, Rosa
Dec-2001Hong Kong, Singapore And The East Asian Crisis: A First Look At The Importance Of Trade SpilloversRamkishen S. Rajan ; Rahul Sen 
1-Sep-2019Housing Bubbles, Economic Growth, and InstitutionsJOSHUA AIZENMAN; YOTHIN JINJARAK; ZHENG HUANHUAN 
27-Apr-2020Housing Policies in Greater China and SingaporeZhang Yang; Zhang Qingyong; Zheng Huanhuan 
23-Jan-2018Housing the very poor or the young? Implications of the changing public housing policy in South KoreaBokyong Seo; Yu-Min Joo 
7-Mar-2012How are Exchange Rates Managed? Evidence of Error-correction Around a ReferenceChang Yee, Kwan ; Chen, Kang 
27-Jul-2020How COVID-19 shaped this Singapore Cabinet line-upKoh Lim Choo Brigtte Gillian 
8-Sep-2018How Important is America to Global Trade?Quah, Danny 
23-Dec-2015How Medishield Life benefits seniorsFong, Joelle H 
21-Sep-2017How Singapore Took On Climate ChangeTARA THEAN 
14-Jul-2020How the Workers’ Party won big this General ElectionKoh Lim Choo Brigtte Gillian 
24-Jul-2020Human Behaviour and Climate Risks: Application of a Digital Serious GameCorinne Ong ; Eduardo Araral 
1-Mar-2020ICT as a Driver of Economic Growth: A Survey of the Literature and Directions for Future ResearchKhuong Vu Minh ; Payam Hanafizadeh; Erik Bohlin
1-May-2011ICT as a source of economic growth in the information age: Empirical evidence from the 1996-2005 periodVu, Minh Khuong