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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Mar-2017Early Life Exposure to Tap Water and the Development of Cognitive SkillsChen Jie Yvonne ; Li Li ; Yun Xiao 
2009Early modes of transport in the United States: Lessons for modern energy policymakersSovacool, B.K. 
3-Oct-2017East Asia's Growing Global Influence and Challenges in Finance and TradeTomoo Kikuchi 
2009Economic analysis of pandemic influenza vaccination strategies in SingaporeLee, V.J. ; Tok, M.Y. ; Chow, V.T. ; Phua, K.H. ; Ooi, E.E. ; Chen, M.I.; Tambyah, P.A. 
19-Sep-2017Economic and Financial Interconnections and Income Growth Convergence in Asia: A Real-Financial Nexus?Tony Cavoli; Sasidaran Gopalan 
2007Economic growth, the environment and employment: Challenges for sustainable development in ChinaThampapillai, D.J. ; Wu, X. ; Sunderaj, L.R.
2009Economic reform and performance: A comparative study of China and VietnamVu, K.M. 
2013Economic Stress, Human Capital, and Families in Asia : Research and Policy ChallengesYeung, Wei-Jun Jean ; Yap, Mui Teng 
15-Oct-2018EditorialCecilia Tortajada 
26-May-2016EditorialCecilia Tortajada ; Choon Nam Ong 
20181127Editorial, January 2019Cecilia Tortajada 
26-Mar-2018Education and Non-cognitive SkillsYvonne Chen Jie ; Lu Yi; Xie Huihua 
2019Effect of reliable electricity on health facilities, health information, and child and maternal health services utilization: evidence from rural Gujarat, IndiaChen Y.J. ; Chindarkar N. ; Xiao Y. 
Apr-2015Effects of China and India on Manufactured Exports of the G7 EconomiesVu, Minh Khuong 
31-Oct-2018Effects of the Innovation Climate on Turnover Intention in the Australian Public ServiceDemircioglu M.A. ; Berman E.
16-Jun-2014The Elements of Effective Program Design: A Two-Level AnalysisMukherjee, Ishani ; Howlett, M ; Rayner, J
1-Apr-2018Embracing globalization to promote industrialization: Insights from the development of Singapore's petrochemicals industryVu K.M. 
2010Energy efficiency and renewable energy under extreme conditions: Case studies from AntarcticaTin, T.; Sovacool, B.K. ; Blake, D.; Magill, P.; El, Naggar S.; Lidstrom, S.; Ishizawa, K.; Berte, J.
2010Energy security and mitigating climate change Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and alternatives to oil in AsiaSovacool, B.K. 
1-Jun-2012Energy security: Insights from a ten country comparisonBambawale, M.J. ; Sovacool, B.K.