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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Daily CO 2 partial pressure and CO 2 outgassing in the upper Yangtze River basin: A case study of the Longchuan River, ChinaLi S. ; Lu X.X. ; He M.; Zhou Y.; Li L.; Ziegler A.D. 
2013Dams and Disease Triggers on the Lower Mekong RiverZiegler A.D. ; Petney T.N.; Grundy-Warr C. ; Andrews R.H.; Baird I.G.; Wasson R.J. ; Sithithaworn P.
1-Apr-2020Dams and the Displaced: Lessons from the Myitsone Dam in MyanmarBernard Minn
17-Jan-2019Data from: Can Conformity Overcome the Yuck Factor? Explaining the Choice for Recycled Drinking WaterLeong Ching 
25-Sep-2018Data from: Environmental Identities and Sustainable Development: Using Q-Methodology to Identify Narratives of Sanitation in IndiaLeong Ching 
10-Feb-2014Dealing with the Likelihood of Failure over the Long-Term: Adaptive Policy Design under UncertaintyNair, Sreeja; Howlett, Michael 
18-May-2018Decentralised governance and empowerment of county governments in China: betting on the weak or the strong?Fan Y.; Wu Y.; Wu A.M. ; Wang W.
18-May-2018Decentralised Governance and Empowerment of County Governments in China: Betting on the Weak or the Strong?Yong Fan; Yan Wu; Alfred M. Wu ; Wei Wang
May-2017Decoding The Committee On The Future Economy (CFE) Report 2017: Structuring Partnerships, Changing Mindsets And Nurturing CreativityTAN TAI LOONG ALEX ; CHEW SI JUN PETRINA 
2010Defining research to improve health systemsRemme J.H.F.; Adam T.; Becerra-Posada F.; D'Arcangues C.; Devlin M.; Gardner C.; Ghaffar A.; Hombach J.; Kengeya J.F.K.; Mbewu A.; Mbizvo M.T.; Mirza Z.; Pang T. ; Ridley R.G.; Zicker F.; Terry R.F.
2006Deliberative civic engagement at the grassroots: An exploration of political participation in BangkokMutebi, A. 
Oct-2017Deliberative democracy in SingaporeJennifer Dodgson
Apr-2003Democracy and the grassroots sector in SingaporeTan, K.P.A.S.-S. 
2007Der Westen als NadelöhrMahbubani, K. 
2006Deregulation and its discontents: Rewriting the rules in AsiaRamesh, M. ; Howlett, M.
25-Nov-2014Design and Scaling up of Policy Experiments and Pilots: Lessons for the Water SectorHowlett, Michael Patrick ; Nair, Sreeja
18-Sep-2018Designing a Century Ahead: Climate change adaptation in the Dutch DeltaPieter Bloemen; Martijn van der Steen; Zeger Van der Wal 
21-Sep-2018Designing effective water policy: capacity and effectiveness of reforms in developing countriesOlivia Jensen 
11-Oct-2018Designing for Robustness: Surprise, Agility and Improvisation in Policy DesignMichael Howlett ; Giliberto Capano; M Ramesh 
12-Oct-2017Designing for sustainable outcomes: espousing behavioural change into co-production programmesIshani Mukherjee ; Nilanjana Mukherjee