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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Apr-2017Calibrating Climate Change Policy: The Causes and Consequences of Sustained Policy Under-ReactionMichael Howlett ; Achim Kemmerling
1-Feb-2019Call for State-of-the-Art ReviewsCecilia Tortajada 
1-Feb-2020Can Competition-Enhancing Regulation Bridge the Quality Divide in Internet Provision?Lourdes O. Montenegro; Eduardo Araral 
1-Jan-2020Can Conformity Overcome the Yuck Factor? Explaining the Choice for Recycled Drinking WaterLeong Ching ; Louis Lebel 
19-Nov-2019Can Money Buy Friendship? Evidence from International Aid and Political RelationsCHEN LI; ZHENG HUANHUAN 
11-Sep-2009Can Non-state Certification Systems Bolster State-centered Efforts to Promote Sustainable Development Through the Clean Development Mechanism?Levin, Kelly; BENJAMIN WILLIAM CASHORE ; Koppell, Jonathan
2007Can the Design of Community-Driven Development Reduce the Risk of Elite Capture? Evidence from IndonesiaFritzen, S.A. 
2009Can we reinvent the internet?Mayer-Schonberger, V. 
2010Canada's constitutional separation of (wind) powerValentine, S.V. 
15-Jan-2019Capacity, control, and content: the supply of think tank policy advice in IndiaNihit Goyal ; Kidjie Saguin 
24-Jul-2020Capitalising on Soft Water Paths: New Futures for Urban CommunitiesCorinne Ong 
Jul-2008Car Possession as Problematic for Urban Travel MarketsBarter, Paul Alexander 
19-Mar-2018A Case Study on Malaysia and Singapore: Nexus Amongst Competitiveness, Cost of Living, Wages, Purchasing Power and LiveabilityTan Khee Giap ; Chuah Hui Yin ; Luu Nguyen Trieu Duong 
2009Causes and consequences of global imbalances: Perspective from developing AsiaPark, D.; Adams, C. 
2009Causes and consequences of global imbalances: Perspective from developing AsiaAdams, C. ; Park, D.
2008Challenges and Realities of Water Management of Megacities: The Case of Mexico City Metropolitan AreaHilda Cecilia Tortajada Quiroz 
1-Apr-2018Changing Cities and Minds for Active MobilityAlisha Gill
2014Chemical weathering and CO2 consumption in the Lower Mekong RiverLi S. ; Lu X.X. ; Bush R.T.
May-2011China's energy security: The perspective of energy usersBambawale, M.J. ; Sovacool, B.K. 
Apr-2012China's huge investment on water facilities: An effective adaptation to climate change, natural disasters, and food securityLi, S.