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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Nov-2010Beyond the Individual in Controversial Science-Based Technology Attitude Formation and Regulation: The State Construction of Policy Alternatives in AsiaLeong, Ching Ching ; Jarvis, Darryl ; Howlett, Michael Patrick ; Migone, Andrea
2010Beyond the universal: The cultural Myopia of US social scienceMahbubani, K. 
8-Apr-2013Beyond the “Tinbergen Rule” in Policy Design: Matching Tools and Goals in Policy PortfoliosRio, Pablo del; Howlett, Michael ; Yong, Pung How
2016'Big brother, little brothers': Comparing China's and India's transboundary river policiesHo S. 
1-Mar-2018Big Data, Big Problems: How Should Singapore Approach the Privacy Challenge of Big Data Research?Harisan Unais Nasir ; Kershia Tan Wei
27-Apr-2020Bitcoin: Speculative Asset or Innovative Technology?Adrian D. Lee; Li Mengling; Zheng Huanhuan 
1-Nov-2018Black Movement: Using discontinuities in admissions to study the effects of college quality and affirmative actionFrancis-Tan A. ; Tannuri-Pianto M.
23-Jul-2019Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges for Electronic Voting (with teaching note)Lim Wei Chieh
23-Jul-2019Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges for Land Registries (with teaching note)Lim Wei Chieh
23-Jul-2019Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges for Supply Chains (with teaching note)Lim Wei Chieh
23-Jul-2019Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges for Taxation (with teaching note)Lim Wei Chieh
13-Aug-2018Book Review - Urban Water Sustainability: Constructing Infrastructure for Cities and Nature by Sarah Bell.Tommy Lee 
11-Apr-2018Boosting retirement adequacy via a lifetime investment schemeFong, JH ; Koh, Benedict
2010Braking wind in Australia: A critical evaluation of the renewable energy targetValentine, S. 
1-Aug-2020Breadth of University Curriculum and Labor Market OutcomesKelvin K.C. Seah ; Jessica Pan ; Poh Lin Tan 
2011Bridging the gaps in global energy governanceFlorini, A.; Sovacool, B.K. 
1-Dec-2018Bridging trees for posterior inference on ancestral recombination graphsHEINE, K; BESKOS, A ; JASRA, A ; BALDING, D ; DE IORIO, M 
15-Dec-2017Bringing people closer to water: Integrating water management and urban infrastructureJoost Buurman ; Rita Padawangi 
2010Broken by design: The corporation as a failed technologySovacool, B.K. 
11-Mar-2019Budget dilemma in an Indonesian CityJean Chia