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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2015Perceptions of Policies in Singapore (POPS) 7: Perceptions of the Marriage and Parenthood PackageChristopher Gee ; Yap Mui Teng ; Loh Soon How 
2010Perfect competition and sustainability: A brief noteThampapillai, D.J. 
2007Point of view: What is the biggest challenge in managing large cities?Maury, M.; Mahbubani, K. ; Ramanathan, R.; Ramanathan, S.
2012Point-of-care tests to strengthen health systems and save newborn lives: The case of syphilisMabey D.C.; Sollis K.A.; Kelly H.A.; Benzaken A.S.; Bitarakwate E.; Changalucha J.; Chen X.-S.; Yin Y.-P.; Garcia P.J.; Strasser S.; Chintu N.; Pang T. ; Terris-Prestholt F.; Sweeney S.; Peeling R.W.
19-Aug-2016Policy analysis: a rich array of country and comparative insightsJoselyn Muhleisen; Ishani Mukherjee 
18-Jan-2018Policy Analysis: Bridging the Cybersecurity Divide Between Large Enterprises and SMEsLim Wei Chieh
Jun-2017Policy Analysis: Cybersecurity is a Public Good that starts with the IndividualLim Wei Chieh
Jun-2017Policy Analysis: Singapore's public-private partnerships for cybersecurity in the critical infrastructure sectors - Challenges and OpportunitiesLim Wei Chieh
17-Nov-2017Policy Analysis: Tapping into the Wisdom of the Cybersecurity CrowdLim Wei Chieh
6-Apr-2018Policy capacity for policy integration:Implications for the Sustainable Development GoalsMichael Howlett ; Kidjie Saguin 
22-Aug-2014Policy Change and Policy Entrepreneurship in LegislaturesJAN JACOB SEIFERT
13-Nov-2014Policy design and non-design: towards a spectrum of policy formulation typesMukherjee, Ishani ; Howlett, M 
30-May-2017Policy learning and policy networks in theory and practice: the role of policy brokers in the Indonesian biodiesel policy networkMichael Howlett ; Ishani Mukherjee ; Joop Koppenjan
2-Feb-2018Policy learning, evaluation, and aid effectiveness: Mining lessons on project and program success from the Asian Development BankMichael Howlett ; Nihit Goyal
20-Mar-2018Policy work and capacities in a developing country: evidence from the PhilippinesKidjie Saguin ; M Ramesh ; Michael Howlett 
2013Policy work, policy advisory systems and politicizationHowlett, M. 
1-Dec-2018Policy-making and truthiness: Can existing policy models cope with politicized evidence and willful ignorance in a "post-fact" world?Perl A.; Howlett M.; Ramesh M. 
2005Political institutions and corporate governance reforms in Southeast AsiaWu, Xun 
Jun-2010Political Transition and the Rise of Cause Lawyering: The Case of Hong KongTam, W. 
2015POPS (8) IPS Post-Election Survey 2015Koh Lim Choo Brigtte Gillian