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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2011A Study On Emigration Attitudes Of Young Singaporeans (2010)LEONG CHAN-HOONG ; Debbie Soon 
2008A tale of two concessionaires: A natural experiment of water privatisation in Metro ManilaWu, X. ; Malaluan, N.A.
2018A thoughtfully pragmatic SingaporeKENNETH PAUL A. SZE-SIAN TAN 
27-Jul-2019A Thucydides Fallacy: The New Model of Power Relations for Southeast Asia, the US, and ChinaQuah, Danny 
1-Apr-2020A Triple Bottom Line: Apple's Investments in IndonesiaKate Elizabeth Sullivan-Walker
2005A vehicle quota integrated with road usage pricing: A mechanism to complete the phase-out of high fixed vehicle taxes in SingaporeBarter, P.A. 
2018Access to environmental health assets across wealth strata: Evidence from 41 low- and middle-income countriesGraham J.P.; Kaur M.; Jeuland M.A. 
3-May-2018Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Improving Water Services in Cities Affected by Extreme Weather EventsJames Horn; Cecilia Tortajada ; Larry Harrington
12-Apr-2018Adaptive governance for urban drought resilience: The case of Danang, VietnamTien Du; Duong BUI; Joost Buurman ; Xuan Quach
2010Addressing Climate Change: Global vs. Local Scales of Jurisdiction?Sovacool, B.K. ; Brown, M.A.
2017Adoption and use of a semi-gasifier cooking and water heating stove and fuel intervention in the Tibetan Plateau, ChinaClark, S; Carter, E; Shan, M; Ni, K; Niu, H; Tseng, J.T.W; Pattanayak, S.K; Jeuland, M ; Schauer, J.J; Ezzati, M; Wiedinmyer, C; Yang, X; Baumgartner, J
26-Sep-2016Adoption of increasing block tariffs (IBTs) among urban water utilities in major cities in ChinaLi Li ; Xun Wu; Yaojia Tang
Jun-2007Advice for IndiaAsher, M.G. 
Sep-2011After the 'war on terror': Regulatory states, risk bureaucracies and the risk-based governance of terrorHeng, Y.-K. ; McDonagh, K.
13-Jan-2015Agenda setting in polycentric systems : a theoretical synthesis to analyze environmental governanceHartley, Kris
20-Jan-2016Alberta’s Oil Sands Reclamation Policy Trajectory: The Role of Tense Layering, Policy Stretching and Policy Patching in Long-Term Policy DynamicsAdam Wellstead; Jeremy Rayner; Michael Howlett 
18-Oct-2019Algorithmic Decision-Making in AVs: Understanding Ethical and Technical Concerns for Smart CitiesHAZEL LIM SI MIN ; ARAZ TAEIHAGH 
Feb-2010Ambiguity aversion and rational herd behaviourDong, Z.; Gu, Q. ; Han, X.
2010Ambiguity aversion and rational herd behaviourDong, Z.; Gu, Q. ; Han, X.
2008America's place in the Asian centuryMahbubani, K.