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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2018Changing Cities and Minds for Active MobilityAlisha Gill
2014Chemical weathering and CO2 consumption in the Lower Mekong RiverLi S. ; Lu X.X. ; Bush R.T.
May-2011China's energy security: The perspective of energy usersBambawale, M.J. ; Sovacool, B.K. 
Apr-2012China's huge investment on water facilities: An effective adaptation to climate change, natural disasters, and food securityLi, S. 
2015China's puzzling energy diplomacy toward IranWu, Fuzuo 
2015China's Responses to External Pressures on its WMD-related Exports after 2004: reactive and proactiveWu Fuzuo 
2005China's rise, Asia's dilemmaLee, C.M. 
17-Feb-2017China's Transboundary River Policies towards Kazakhstan: Issue-linkages and Incentives for CooperationSelina Ho 
2-Jan-2020China’s Climate Diplomacy 2.0Marina Kaneti 
2017China’s transboundary river policies towards Kazakhstan: issue-linkages and incentives for cooperationHo S. 
1-Sep-2018Chinese Outwards Mercantilism – the Art and Practice of BundlingJOSHUA AIZENMAN; YOTHIN JINJARAK; ZHENG HUANHUAN 
Mar-2002Choice Of Exchange Rate Regime: Currency Board (Hong Kong) Or Monitoring Band (Singapore)?Ramkishen S. Rajan ; Reza Siregar 
1-Apr-2020Choosing to Forget: A Discussion on Singapore's National Identity with respect to Demolished BuildingsTan Zhi Han; Jyan Ong; See Hao Jun
11-Apr-2016Choosing What To Remember in Neoliberal Singapore: The Singapore Story, State Censorship, and State-Sponsored NostalgiaKenneth Paul A. Sze-Sian Tan 
Jul-2015Class and Social Orientations: Key Findings from the Social Stratification Survey 2011Tan Ern Ser 
2009Classifying biotechnology-related policy, regulatory and innovation regimes: A framework for the comparative analysis of genomics policy-makingMigone, A.; Howlett, M. 
May-2013Climate change adaptation and water policy: Lessons from singaporeBhullar, L. 
2011Climate change and living cities: Global problems with local solutionsAnand, P. ; Seetharam, K. 
2017Climate change skepticism and index versus standard crop insurance demand in coastal BangladeshAkter, S ; Krupnik, T.J; Khanam, F
21-Nov-2018Cloud Computing in Singapore: Key Drivers and Recommendations for a Smart NationREUBEN NG