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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jan-2005UHV deposition of Co thin films on low index Si surfacesLIU RUISHENG
21-Apr-2003Ultrafast optical nonlinearity in poly(methylmethacrylate)-TiO2 nanocompositesElim, H.I. ; Ji, W. ; Yuwono, A.H. ; Xue, J.M. ; Wang, J. 
Jan-1998Ultrafine BaFe12O19 powder synthesised by mechanochemical processingDing, J. ; Tsuzuki, T.; McCormick, P.G.
1999Ultrafine barium titanate powders via microemulsion processing routesWang, J. ; Fang, J.; Ng, S.-C. ; Gan, L.-M. ; Chew, C.-H. ; Wang, X.; Shen, Z. 
Aug-2000Ultrafine cobalt-iron cyanide particles prepared by microemulsion methodChow, P.Y.; Ding, J. ; Wang, X.Z. ; Chew, C.H. ; Gan, L.M. 
May-2000Ultrafine ferrite particles prepared by coprecipitation/mechanical millingDing, J. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Wang, J. ; Shi, Y. 
1-May-2000Ultrafine magnetic cyanide particlesNg, C.W.; Ding, J. ; Chow, P.Y.; Gan, L.M. ; Quek, C.H. 
1-Jul-2001Ultrafine zinc oxide powders prepared by precipitation/mechanical millingDeng, H.M.; Ding, J. ; Shi, Y. ; Liu, X.Y.; Wang, J. 
Jul-1997Ultrafine zirconia powders via microemulsion processing routeFang, J.; Wang, J. ; Ng, S.-C. ; Chew, C.-H. ; Gan, L.-M. 
Mar-2001Unidirectional solidification of a Zn-rich Zn-2.17 wt%Cu hypo-peritectic alloyMa, D.; Li, Y. ; Ng, S.C. ; Jones, H.
24-Jan-2000Unidirectional solidification of Zn-rich Zn-Cu peritectic alloys - I. Microstructure selectionMa, D.; Li, Y. ; Ng, S.C. ; Jones, H.
11-May-2000Unidirectional solidification of Zn-Rich Zn-Cu peritectic alloys - II. Microstructural length scalesMa, D.; Li, Y. ; Ng, S.C. ; Jones, H.
May-2003Unique dielectric behavior of 0.6Pb(Ni1/2W1/2)O3·0.4PbTiO3 derived from mechanical activationGao, X. ; Xue, J. ; Wang, J. ; Yu, T. ; Shen, Z.X. 
4-Jun-2009Unique glass formation and mechanical properties of Zr-Cu-based alloysWU WENFEI
9-Sep-1999Unusual ionic behavior in microemulsion-polymerized membranesOng, C.L.; Gan, L.M. ; Ong, C.K. ; Chan, H.S.O. ; Xu, G. 
1-Sep-1998Unusual magnetization anisotropy in amorphous Nd-Fe-Al ribbonsLi, Y. ; Ding, J. ; Ng, S.C. ; Wang, X.Z. 
12-Jul-2010Use of surface modified porous silicon as a chemical or bio-chemical sensorCHAMILA NISHANTHI LIYANAGE
1999Using polymerised nanocontacts to improve the electroluminescence of porous siliconChong, A.S.L.; Gan, L.M. ; Blackwood, D.J. 
Aug-2005Vapor pressure and residual stress effects on failure of an adhesive filmChew, H.B.; Guo, T.F. ; Cheng, L. 
Aug-2005Vapor pressure and residual stress effects on mixed mode toughness of an adhesive filmChew, H.B.; Guo, T.F. ; Cheng, L.