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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2004Long-range and short-range orders, and phase miscibility of CoCrPt/Ti thin filmsSUN CHENGJUN
15-May-2002Long-range order and short-range order study on CoCrPt/Ti films by synchrotron x-ray scattering and extended x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopySun, C.J. ; Chow, G.M. ; Wang, J.P.; Soo, E.W.; Hwu, Y.K.; Je, J.H.; Cho, T.S.; Lee, H.H.; Noh, D.Y.
1999Low temperature characterization of nano-sized BaFe12-2xZnxSnxO19 particlesFang, H.C.; Ong, C.K. ; Zhang, X.Y. ; Li, Y. ; Wang, X.Z. ; Yang, Z.
30-Oct-2006Low temperature high performance indium tin oxide films and applicationsHU JIANQIAO
1998Low temperature synthesis of PZT powders via microemulsion processingEe, L.S.; Wang, J. ; Ng, S.C. ; Gan, L.M. 
2002Magnetic and electric properties of SiO2-doped Mn ferrite by mechanical alloyingDing, J. ; Gao, Y.D.
29-Mar-1999Magnetic and hardness properties of nanostructured Ni-Co films deposited by a nonaqueous electroless methodChow, G.M. ; Ding, J. ; Zhang, J.; Lee, K.Y.; Surani, D.; Lawrence, S.H.
Mar-2001Magnetic and Moessbauer study of melt-spun Nd60Fe30Al10Wang, L.; Ding, J. ; Li, Y. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Wang, X.Z. ; Phuc, N.X.; Dan, N.H.
11-Oct-2004Magnetic anisotropy and coercivity in magnetic thin filmsWANG SHUANG
2001Magnetic domain structures and magnetotransport properties in Co - Ag granular thin filmsChen, Y.J. ; Ding, J. ; Si, L. ; Cheung, W.Y.; Wong, S.P.; Wilson, I.H.; Suzuki, T.
26-Mar-2001Magnetic hardening in amorphous alloy Sm60Fe30Al10Kong, H.Z. ; Li, Y. ; Ding, J. 
Oct-2002Magnetic properties and magnetic entropy change of amorphous and crystalline GdNiAl ribbonsSi, L. ; Ding, J. ; Li, Y. ; Yao, B.; Tan, H.
15-May-2003Magnetic properties and superconductivity of mechanically alloyed (Mg1-xFex)B2 samples with x = 0.0-0.4Gao, Y.D.; Ding, J. ; Rao, G.V.S.; Chowdari, B.V.R. 
Aug-2004Magnetic properties of Co-ferrite and SiO 2-doped Co-ferrite thin films and powders by sol-gelWang, Y.C.; Ding, J. ; Liu, B.H. ; Shi, Y. 
31-May-2004Magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite powders and thin filmsWANG YONGCHAO
10-Jan-2000Magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite/SiO2 nanocompositeMekala, S.R.; Ding, J. 
Apr-1999Magnetic properties of mechanically alloyed Sm2Fe17-xGaxCyDing, J. ; McCormick, P.G.; Street, R.
Apr-2003Magnetic properties of Nd55-xCoxFe30Al10B5 cast rodsDan, N.H.; Phuc, N.X.; Hong, L.V.; Kong, H.Z. ; Ding, J. 
1999Magnetic properties of rapidly quenched RE-Fe-Al alloys with RE=Nd and YDing, J. ; Li, Y. ; Wang, X.Z. 
1-May-2002Magnetic relaxation in spinel Mo-ferrite and Ti substituted Mo-ferriteDing, J. ; Wang, L.; Roy, A.; Ghose, J.