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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2005High mobility undoped amorphous indium zinc oxide transparent thin filmsKumar, B. ; Gong, H. ; Akkipeddi, R.
2000High order X-ray diffraction and internal atomic layer roughness of epitaxial and bulk SiC materialsXu, G. ; Feng, Z.C.
May-2002High resolution channeling contrast microscopy and channeling analysis of SiGe quantum well structuresOsipowicz, T. ; Seng, H.L. ; Wielunski, L.S.; Tok, E.S. ; Breton, G.; Zhang, J.
28-Apr-2002High temperature piezoelectric strontium bismuth titanate from mechanical activation of mixed oxidesNg, S.H.; Xue, J.M. ; Wang, J. 
5-Apr-2004High-coercivity Co-ferrite thin films on (100)-SiO 2 substrateWang, Y.C.; Ding, J. ; Yi, J.B. ; Liu, B.H. ; Yu, T. ; Shen, Z.X. 
2005High-coercivity Co-ferrite thin films on SiO2 (100) substrate prepared by sputtering and PLDYin, J.H.; Ding, J. ; Liu, B.H. ; Wang, Y.C.; Yi, Y.B. 
20-Nov-1998High-coercivity ferrite magnets prepared by mechanical alloyingDing, J. ; Miao, W.F.; McCormick, P.G.; Street, R.
Nov-2000High-conductivity p-type transparent copper aluminum oxide film prepared by plasma-enhanced MOCVDWang, Y. ; Gong, H. 
Nov-2000High-conductivity p-type transparent copper aluminum oxide film prepared by plasma-enhanced MOCVDWang, Y. ; Gong, H. 
Sep-2004High-performance bulk Ti-Cu-Ni-Sn-Ta nanocomposites based on a dendrite-eutectic microstructureDai, Q.L.; Sun, B.B.; Sui, M.L.; He, G.; Li, Y. ; Eckert, J.; Luo, W.K.; Ma, E.
Sep-2003High-resolution channeling contrast microscopy of compositionally graded Si1-XGeX layersSeng, H.L. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Sum, T.C. ; Breese, M.B.H. ; Watt, F. ; Tok, E.S. ; Zhang, J.
26-Apr-2004High-stability ultrathin spin-on benzocyclobutene gate dielectric for polymer field-effect transistorsChua, L.-L.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Sirringhaus, H.; Friend, R.H.
Feb-2005Highly dispersed zinc phosphate microdomains in mesoporous silicaBhaumik, A.; Samanta, S.; Mal, N.K.; Kumar, P.; Manna, A. 
4-Oct-2004Highly-efficient broadband waveguide outcoupling in light-emitting diodes with self-organized polymer blendsCorcoran, N.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Arias, A.C.; Mackenzie, J.D.; Friend, R.H.; Fichet, G.; Huck, W.T.S.
1998Homogeneous nucleation catastrophe as a kinetic stability limit for superheated crystalLu, K.; Li, Y. 
1-Mar-1996Hot isostatically pressed Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10 coils made with novel precursorsBourdillon, A.J. ; Tan, N.X.; Ong, C.L.
1-Jan-2000How different is mechanical activation from thermal activation? A case study with PZN and PZN-based relaxorsWang, J. ; Xue, J. ; Wan, D. 
15-Dec-2002Hybrid GA and SA dynamic set-up planning optimizationOng, S.K. ; Ding, J. ; Nee, A.Y.C. 
15-Mar-2004Hydrogen desorption kinetics from the Si (1 - x)Ge x(100)-(2×1) surfaceTok, E.S. ; Ong, S.W. ; Kang, H.C. 
2002Hydrous zirconia as a selective catalyst for the Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reduction of cinnamaldehydeLiu, S.H. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Chuah, G.K.