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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Opec's long-term role in affecting energy securityPeimani, H. 
1-Apr-2020Operational Management Implemented in Biofuel Upstream Supply Chain and Downstream International Trading: Current Issues in Southeast AsiaYing, Hoo ; Phun Chien, Cassendra; Yee Van, Fan
2016Perspectives on China’s Rise as a Maritime Power and its Quest for Energy Security: 27‐28 August 2015, Event SummaryChristopher Len Hiap Lee ; Reshetova, E ; Qiu, M.
20-Aug-2018Policy instruments for renewable energy: an empirical evaluation of effectivenessDINA AZHGALIYEVA ; Belitski, Maksim; Romanov, Maxim; Kalyuzhnova, Yelena
May-2013Political and institutional analysis of the successes and failures of China's wind power policyZhang, S.; Andrews-Speed, P. ; Zhao, X.
2020Producing Biogas from Palm Oil Mill Effluent in Southeast Asia—the Green Elephant in the Room?Melissa Low Yu Xing ; Hoo, Poh Ying Rachel; Leow, Foon Lee 
Oct-2019Regional power connectivity in Southeast Asia: the role of regional cooperationSHI XUNPENG ; YAO LIXIA ; Jiang, Han
31-Dec-2020Review of Voluntary Agreements on Energy Efficiency - Implications on ASEAN CountriesKim Jeong Won ; Liu, Yang
2009Self-equalization of cell voltages to prolong the life of VRLA batteries in standby applicationsHurley, W.G.; Wong, Y.S. ; Wölfle, W.H.
2015Shaping China's energy security: The impact of domestic reformsYao, Lixia ; Chang, Youngho
2019Singapore’s Resource Sustainability Bill: Tackling the Food-Water-Energy NexusMelissa Low Yu Xing ; Bea, Eric
1-Mar-2020South Korea’s nuclear power industry: recovering from scandalAndrews-Speed, Philip 
2009Southeast Asia in a new era: Ten countries, one region in ASEANSeverino, R.C.; Thomson, E. ; Hong, M.
1-Aug-2020State versus market in China's low-carbon energy transition: An institutional perspectiveZhang, S; Andrews-Speed, P 
2008Strategic petroleum reserves in China and IndiaThomson, E. 
24-Sep-2018Sustainable Energy Access in Remote Communities: Lessons from the Arctic and Southeast AsiaELENA RESHETOVA ; CHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE 
2011The challenge of energy security in the 21st century: Trends of significancePeimani, H. 
Nov-2009The development of biofuels in AsiaZhou, A.; Thomson, E. 
2013The development trajectories of wind power and solar PV power in China: A comparison and policy recommendationsZhang, S.; Zhao, X.; Andrews-Speed, P. ; He, Y.
1-Jul-2014The Effect of Fiscal Policy on Oil Revenue Fund: the Case of KazakhstanDINA AZHGALIYEVA