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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Aug-2018Dammed Mekong: Lasting Challenges for the Region’s Energy SecurityChristopher Len Hiap Lee ; Le Thu, Huong
24-Jan-2019Data from: Assessing Energy Security in Caspian Region: The Geopolitical Implications to European Energy StrategyDina Azhgaliyeva 
2012Energy and pollutant damage costs of operating electric, hybrid, and conventional vehicles in SingaporeNazir, S. ; Wong, Y.S.
2013Energy and Sustainable Cities: Summary Report of ConferenceThomson, Elspeth ; Len, Christopher 
Apr-2014Energy security in China: A quantitative analysis and policy implicationsYao, L. ; Chang, Y.
2014Energy security in China: The impact of domestic policies and reformsYao, L. 
2009Energy security: An ASEAN perspectiveThomson, E. 
2019Energy Storage and Renewable Energy Deployment: Empirical Evidence from OECD countriesDINA AZHGALIYEVA 
Aug-2016Energy Transitions and a Globalised Arctic: The Role of Science, Technology and Governance, 17 - 19 August 2016Christopher Len Hiap Lee ; Reshetova, Elena ; Nadarajah, Hema
13-Dec-2016Facilitating Remote Energy Access in the Arctic and Southeast Asia—Key Conditions and InitiativesCHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE 
29-Apr-2020Governing nuclear safety in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear accident: incremental or radical change?Philip Andrews-Speed 
31-Dec-2019Green Bonds for Financing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in South-East Asia: A Review of PoliciesDina Azhgaliyeva ; Anant Kapoor; Yang Liu 
Sep-2012Greener singaporeKhew, E.; Kwee, H. 
4-Mar-2019Implications of Fiscal and Financial Policies on Unlocking Green Finance and Green InvestmentDINA AZHGALIYEVA ; Zhanna Kapsalyamova; Linda Low
30-Aug-2018Implications of Fiscal and Financial Policies on unlocking Green Finance and Green InvestmentDINA AZHGALIYEVA ; Zhanna Kapsalyamova; Linda Low
1-Sep-2014Indonesia Coalbed Methane: Bountiful Promise Held Up By Institutional ParalysisCHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE 
Jan-2010Input-output analysis of CO2 emissions embodied in trade: The effects of sector aggregationSu, B.; Huang, H.C. ; Ang, B.W. ; Zhou, P. 
Nov-2013Interactions between renewable energy policy and renewable energy industrial policy: A critical analysis of china's policy approach to renewable energiesZhang, S.; Andrews-Speed, P. ; Zhao, X.; He, Y.
17-Aug-2020International conventions and legal frameworks on nuclear safety, security, and safeguardsIra Martina Drupady ; Murphy, Paul
2011IntroductionPeimani, H.