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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Quality of working life: Cross-cultural considerationsWyatt, T.A. 
Jun-2005Relinquishing the 'secret of fire' : the impact of incentives and self-monitoring on knowledge sharing in organizationsChia, Ho-Beng ; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Dishan Kamdar; Yue-Wah Chay 
Mar-2000Saving face, losing face in the face of AIDS : the effects of human resource managers' fear of AIDS on organisational outcomesLim, Vivien Kim Geok ; Teo, Thompson Sian Hin ; Loo, Geok Leng 
1998Seeing and believing: The variety of scientists' responses to contrary dataChia, A. 
1997Sex, money and financial hardship: An empirical study of attitudes towards money among undergraduates in SingaporeLim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. 
1999Singapore - an 'intelligent island': Moving from vision to reality with information technologyTeo, T.S.H. ; Lim, V.K.G. 
Mar-1999Singapore's economic internationalisation and its effects on work and familyChia, Audrey 
1997Skills, Incentives, and Control: An integration of agency and transaction cost approachesKowtha, N.R. 
Jun-2005Social influence process in organizational justice perceptions : the role of social tiesChia, Ho-Beng ; Fang, Ruolian 
1993Social Support, Individual Differences and Well-Being: A Study of Small Business Entrepreneurs and EmployeesChay, Y.W. 
Jun-2005Something in it for everyone : the neglected role of self-interest in organizational citizenship behaviorChia, Ho-Beng ; Dishan Kamdar; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Yue-Wah Chay 
Feb-1996Stock market reactions to pending shifts in liquidity : additional evidence for price pressuresLim, Ghee Soon ; Wong, Kie Ann ; Chew, Lily
1998Study of trends in US visitor arrivals in Singapore: A nonparametric approachHui, T.-K. ; Yuen, E. 
1995The Effects of Career Salience and Life-Cycle Variables on Perceptions of Work-Family InterfacesChi-Ching, Y. 
1994The Effects of Family Responsibilities on the Work Commitment and Job Performance of Non-Professional WomenCampbell, D.J. ; CAMPBELL, KATHLEEN M ; Kennard, D.
1997The effects of interactive leadership on human resource management in Singapore's banking industryLi, J. ; Koh, W.K.L. ; Hia, H.S.
2000The effects of issue characteristics on the recognition of moral issuesChia, A. ; Mee, L.S.
Jul-1998The effects of learning versus proving goals on a new and complex taskChia, Ho Beng 
Mar-1998The effects of moral intensity on moral issue recognitionChia, Audrey ; Lim, Swee Mee
May-1999The effects of perceived justice on satisfaction and behavioral intentions : the case of computer purchaseTeo, Thompson S. H. ; Lim, Vivien K. G. ; Tay, Ming Hui