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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Creative self-destruction among organizations: An empirical study of technical innovation and organizational failure in the American automobile industry, 1885-1981Carroll, G.R.; Teo, A.C. 
1996Cross-cultural adjustment of expatriates: Theory & research findings on American and Japanese expatriatesCHANG YOUNG-CHUL 
1996Culture and management - A study of small Chinese family business in SingaporeLee, J. 
Apr-1999Dealing with HIV at the workplace : a study of human resource managers in SingaporeLim, Vivien K. G. ; Loo, Geok Leng 
Oct-1999Designing and implementing non-financial performance indicators : a case studyMak, Yuen Teen ; Eng, Li Li ; CHONG CHEE LEONG 
1999Determinants of compensation structure for salespeople in the retail clothing industry in Singapore: An agency theory perspectiveSoon, L.G. ; Huat, T.L.
Apr-1999Directors' remuneration and profitability performance of listed companies in Singapore : a correlation and causality studyWan, David Tai Wai ; Ong, Chin Huat ; Pong, Pascal Alexandre Kwant Tung
1998Doctors, patients, and perceived job image: An empirical study of stress and nurses in SingaporeLim, V.K.G. ; Yuen, E.C. 
1991Does Training in Problem Solving Improve the Quality of Group Decisions?Ganster, D.C.; Williams, S. ; Poppler, P.
Aug-1996Early retirement and bridge employment intentions among older workers in SingaporeLim, Ghee Soon ; Ng, Lay Tin
1997Early retirement and bridge employment intentions among older workers in SingaporeSoon, L.G. ; Tin, N.L.
Jul-1998Effects of physical handicap, race, and job skill level stereotype on applicant assessmentLim, Ghee Soon ; Ng, Hui-Lee
Feb-1998Employee turnover in Singapore : a final reportCampbell, Donald J. ; Campbell, Kathleen M. 
Apr-1997Employee turnover in Singapore : some interim findingsCampbell, Donald J. ; Campbell, Kathleen M. 
Feb-1997Employee turnover in Singaporean firms : some initial findings (SIHRM affiliated companies)Campbell, Donald J. ; Campbell, Kathleen M. 
Feb-1999Equivocality in group performance research for computer-based learning : issues of measurement, unit of analysis and level of analysisLee-Partridge, Joo Eng ; Chong, Chee-Leong ; Chia, Ho-Beng 
Jan-1999Ethical values of executive search consultantsLim, Ghee Soon ; Chan, Claudia
Dec-1997Evaluating business school undergraduates' situation analytical abilityLim, Ghee Soon 
Oct-1998Executive employees' rights to union representation in SingaporeLim Ghee Soon ; Lim, Swee Pei
1995Expatriate adjustment, organizational commitment, and intention to return earlierChang, Young-Chul