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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2005The effects of validity and difficulty information on the perceptions of procedural justic and the attactiveness of an organization as a potential employerChia, Ho Beng ; Chay, Yue-Wah ; Lai, Yen Yen
Feb-2000The impact of human resource management practices on employee turnoverLee, Soo Hoon ; Heard, Andrew; Koh, William 
Jun-2005The impact of performance appraisal on knowledge sharing among employeesChia, Ho Beng ; Dishan A. Kamdar; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Yue-Wah Chay
2000The impact of the employee-organization relationship on temporary employees' performance and attitude: Testing a Singaporean sampleKoh, W.L. ; Yer, L.K.
1996The Motivation to Mentor among Managerial Employees: An Interactionist ApproachAryee, S.; Chay, Y.W. ; Chew, J. 
2000The trusted general manager and business unit performance: Empirical evidence of a competitive advantageDavis, J.H.; Schoorman, F.D.; Mayer, R.C.; Tan, H.H. 
Jul-1999Top executive's attitude and preferences toward employee voice and participation in SingaporeWan, David Tai Wai ; Phee, Peck Shang
2000Toward the Differentiation of Trust in Supervisor and Trust in OrganizationTan, H.H. ; Tan, C.S.F.
Jun-1995Transferring Japanese manufacturing methods to SingaporeRodgers, Ronald A. ; Wong, Jacqueline Yit-Yeng
1993Type A Behavior Pattern and Escalating CommitmentSchaubroeck, J.; Williams, S. 
1991Type A behaviour pattern of faculty choice among males and females in SingaporeChew, I.K.H. 
1991Type A personality and stress among the Singapore Chinese, Malays and IndiansChew, I.K.H. ; Chee-Leong, C. 
1998Usage and perceptions of the internet: What has age got to do with it?Teo, T.S.H. ; Lim, V.K.G. 
May-1997User involvement and system acceptance : a structural-political perspectiveChong, Chee Leong ; Goh, Cheng Hian 
Dec-1995When scientists change their beliefsChia-Chan, Audrey 
Jun-2005When the going gets tough : goals and goal orientation on returns, risk-taking and persistenceChia, Ho-Beng ; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Yue-Wah Chay ; Siok-Khoong Teo; Winston Sire-Wee Seow
Oct-1997Working at home -- myth or reality : an empirical study of factors affecting attitudes towards teleworkingLim, Vivien K. G. ; Teo, Thompson S. H. ; Wai, Sook Har
Jun-2005Workplace as communities : the role of social networks on who seeks, gives and accepts information on justic issuesChia, Ho Beng ; Foo, Maw-Der ; Fang, Ruolian