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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2013A framework for benchmarking competency assessment modelsKasser, J. ; Hitchins, D.; Frank, M.; Zhao, Y.Y. 
Dec-2011Cross-country IPOs: What explains differences in underpricing?Banerjee, S.; Dai, L.; Shrestha, K. 
15-Sep-2016Default Correlations and Large-Portfolio Credit AnalysisJin-Chuan Duan ; Weimin Miao 
2009Developing the real estate derivative market for Singapore: Issues and challengesOng, S.E. ; Ng, K.H. 
Dec-2013Forecasting simultaneously high-dimensional time series: A robust model-based clustering approachWang, Y.; Tsay, R.S.; Ledolter, J.; Shrestha, K.M. 
Nov-2008Foveated splines and waveletsGAO XIAOJIE ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
Feb-2009Glass transition temperature influence on crosslinked and entangled polymer interfacesDeng, M. ; Tan, V.B.C. ; Tay, T.E. ; Lim, K.M. 
2009Molecular Dynamics Simulation of glass/epoxy interfacesTan, V.B.C. ; Deng, M. ; Tay, T.E. 
2009Multiscale modeling of amorphous materials with adaptivityTan, V.B.C. ; Deng, M. ; Tay, T.E. ; Lim, K.M. 
Feb-2009Multiscale modeling of Polymers-Bridging the molecular continuum divideTan, V.B.C. ; Deng, M. ; Lim, K.M. ; Tay, T.E. 
2013Optimal bandwidth selection for nonparametric conditional distribution and quantile functionsLi, Q.; Lin, J. ; Racine, J.S.
4-Sep-2019Portfolio liquidation under factor uncertaintyHorst, Ulrich ; Xia, Xiaonyu; Zhou, Chao 
Jun-2011Squeeze me, but don't tease me: Human and mechanical touch enhance visual attention and emotion discriminationSchirmer, A.; Teh, K.S.; Wang, S. ; Vijayakumar, R.; Ching, A.; Nithianantham, D.; Escoffier, N.; Cheok, A.D. 
2006Strategy research in AsiaDelios, A.; Xu, W.W. ; Singh, K.
Jun-2013Understanding and predicting bank rating transitions using optimal survival analysis modelsLouis, P.; Van Laere, E. ; Baesens, B.