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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2008Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure investigations of molecular orientation of copper(II) phthalocyanine thin films at organic heterojunction interfacesChen, W. ; Huang, H. ; Chen, S. ; Gao, X.Y. ; Wee, A.T.S. 
25-Sep-2008Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of epitaxial growth of F16CuPc thin films on Ag(111)Huang, H. ; Chen, W. ; Wee, A.T.S. 
14-Jan-2006Luminescent nanomaterials for biological labellingWang, F. ; Tan, W.B. ; Zhang, Y. ; Fan, X.; Wang, M.
29-Sep-2009Macromolecular crowding induced elongation and compaction of single DNA molecules confined in a nanochannelZhang, C.; Shao, P.G. ; Van Kan, J.A. ; Van Der Maarel, J.R.C. 
Aug-2006Magnetic and electrical transport properties of delta-doped amorphous Ge:Mn magnetic semiconductorsLi, H.L.; Lin, H.T.; Wu, Y.H. ; Liu, T. ; Zhao, Z.L. ; Han, G.C.; Chong, T.C.
Jul-2013Magnetic and optical studies of hydrogenated Cu-doped ZnO filmLi, T.; Xiao, W.; Herng, T.S. ; Bao, N. ; Ding, J. 
18-May-2006Magnetic and transport properties of Ge : MMMn granular systemLi, H.; Wu, Y. ; Liu, T. ; Wang, S.; Guo, Z.; Osipowicz, T. 
Jun-2012Magnetic and transport properties of n-type Fe doped In 2O 3 and ZnO filmsMa, Y.W.; Huang, X.L.; Liu, X.; Yi, J.B. ; Leong, K.C.; Chan, L.; Li, T.; Bao, N.N. ; Ding, J. 
31-Jan-2020Magnetic Anisotropy of a Quasi Two-Dimensional Canted AntiferromagnetLim, Zhi Shiuh ; Li, Changjian ; Chi, Xiao ; Omar, Ganesh Ji; Ma, Haijiao Harsan ; Huang, Zhen ; Zeng, Shengwei ; Yang, Ping ; Venkatesan, Thirumalai ; Rusydi, Andrivo ; Pennycook, Stephen John ; Ariando, Ariando 
2009Magnetic field induced terahertz π-phase shift in photorefractive periodically poled LiNbO3 through optical rectificationMa, G. ; Liu, W. ; Tang, S.H. 
2016Magnetic Modes in Rare Earth Perovskites: A Magnetic-Field-Dependent Inelastic Light Scattering studySaha, S ; Cao, B.-C; Motapothula, M ; Cong, C.-X; Sarkar, T ; Srivastava, A ; Sarkar, S ; Patra, A ; Ghosh, S ; Ariando, NUSNNI-NanoCore, National University of Singapore, 5A Engineering Drive, Singapore, 117411, Singapore, Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, 2 Science Drive, Singapore, 117542, Singapore ; Coey, J.M.D ; Yu, T; Venkatesan, T 
Apr-2003Magnetic properties of Nd55-xCoxFe30Al10B5 cast rodsDan, N.H.; Phuc, N.X.; Hong, L.V.; Kong, H.Z. ; Ding, J. 
2016Magneto-Optical Study of Defect Induced Sharp Photoluminescence in LaAlO3 and SrTiO3Sarkar S. ; Saha S. ; Motapothula M.R. ; Patra A. ; Cao B.-C.; Prakash S. ; Cong C.X.; Mathew S. ; Ghosh S. ; Yu T.; Venkatesan T. 
Aug-2004Magnetoelastic nanocrystalline Co-Ni alloysKong, H.Z. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Ding, J. ; Li, Y. ; Liu, Y.
2-Oct-2017Magnetoresistance in the superconducting state at the (111) LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaceDavis, S.; Huang, Z. ; Han, K. ; Ariando ; Venkatesan, T. ; Chandrasekhar, V.
2007Manipulation and assembly of CuxS dendrites using optical tweezersCheong, F.C. ; Varghese, B.; Swaminathan, S. ; Lim, W.P.; Chin, W.S. ; Valiyaveettil, S. ; Sow, C.H. 
Dec-2004Mass-modified wiener indices and the boiling points for lower chloroalkanesLim, T.-C. 
Jul-2007Matrimid®/MgO mixed matrix membranes for pervaporationJiang, L.Y. ; Chung, T.S. ; Rajagopalan, R. 
Jan-2010Mechanical characterization of hotplate synthesized vanadium oxide nanobeltsZhu, Y. ; Zhang, Y. ; Dai, L. ; Cheong, F.-C. ; Tan, V. ; Sow, C.-H. ; Lim, C.-T. 
2012Mechanical properties an of electrospun polymer fibre-metal oxide nanocomposite matKrupa, A.; Jaworek, A.; Sundarrajan, S. ; Pliszka, D. ; Ramakrishna, S.