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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Formation of α-Fe2O3 nanoflakes by heating Fe in airYu, T. ; Sow, C.H. ; Xu, X.J. ; Zhu, Y.W. ; Lim, C.T. ; Thong, J.T.L. 
4-Jul-2012Free-standing electrospun carbon nanofibres - A high performance anode material for lithium-ion batteriesSuresh Kumar, P.; Sahay, R.; Aravindan, V.; Sundaramurthy, J.; Ling, W.C.; Thavasi, V. ; Mhaisalkar, S.G.; Madhavi, S.; Ramakrishna, S. 
2015Functional ferroelectric tunnel junctions on siliconGuo, R ; Wang, Z; Zeng, S ; Han, K ; Huang, L ; Schlom, D.G; Venkatesan, T ; Ariando ; Chen, J 
2012Functional films of polymer-nanocomposites by electrospinning for advanced electronics, clean energy conversion, and storageJose, R.; Archana, P.S. ; Le Viet, A.; Qiaoliang, B. ; Loh, K.P. ; Yusoff, M.M.; Anil Kumar, G.N.M.; Ramakrishna, S. 
2013Functional multi-band THz meta-foilsWu, J ; Moser, H.O; Xu, S; Jian, L ; Banas, A ; Banas, K ; Chen, H; Bettiol, A.A ; Breese, M.B.H 
15-Mar-2012Functional properties of electrospun NiO/RuO 2 composite carbon nanofibersWu, Y.; Balakrishna, R.; Reddy, M.V. ; Nair, A.S. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
28-Jun-2006Functionalized polymer nanofibre membranes for protection from chemical warfare stimulantsRamaseshan, R. ; Sundarrajan, S. ; Liu, Y.; Barhate, R.S. ; Lala, N.L. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
2013Fundamental study on needleless electrospinning based on metal (card) clothingLiu, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Li, P.C.; Thavasi, V. 
15-Apr-2005Fundamental understanding of nano-sized zeolite distribution in the formation of the mixed matrix single- and dual-layer asymmetric hollow fiber membranesJiang, L.Y. ; Chung, T.S. ; Cao, C.; Huang, Z.; Kulprathipanja, S.
8-Jan-2018gamma-MnS films with 3D microarchitectures: comprehensive study of the synthesis, microstructural, optical and magnetic propertiesDhandayuthapani, T.; Girish, M.; Sivakumar, R.; Sanjeeviraja, C.; Gopalakrishnan, C.; Nagarajan, R. S.; Mathew, S. ; Jun, Ding ; Venkatesan, T. ; Selvan, G. Kalai; Manikandan, K.; Arumugam, S.
24-Oct-2005Germanium n+/p junction formation by laser thermal processHuang, J.; Wu, N.; Zhang, Q.; Zhu, C. ; Tay, A.A.O. ; Chen, G. ; Hong, M. 
Mar-2003Glass-forming ability of Pr-(Cu,Ni)-Al alloys in eutectic systemZhang, Y. ; Tan, H. ; Kong, H.Z. ; Yao, B. ; Li, Y. 
20-Jun-2005Gold and silver coated carbon nanotubes: An improved broad-band optical limiterChin, K.C. ; Gohel, A.; Chen, W.Z.; Elim, H.I. ; Ji, W. ; Chong, G.L. ; Sow, C.H. ; Wee, A.T.S. 
2014Gold nanoparticle loaded hybrid nanofibers for cardiogenic differentiation of stem cells for infarcted myocardium regenerationRavichandran, R.; Sridhar, R.; Venugopal, J.R. ; Sundarrajan, S.; Mukherjee, S.; Ramakrishna, S. 
Jul-2005Grafting of gelatin on electrospun poly(caprolactone) nanofibers to improve endothelial cell spreading and proliferation and to control cell orientationMa, Z. ; He, W.; Yong, T. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
15-Mar-2012Graphene oxides as tunable broadband nonlinear optical materials for femtosecond laser pulsesJiang, X.-F.; Polavarapu, L. ; Neo, S.T.; Venkatesan, T. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
2013Graphene versus multi-walled carbon nanotubes for electrochemical glucose biosensingZheng, D.; Vashist, S.K.; Dykas, M.M.; Saha, S.; Al-Rubeaan, K.; Lam, E.; Luong, J.H.T.; Sheu, F.-S. 
18-Aug-2010Graphene-based SELDI probe with ultrahigh extraction and sensitivity for DNA oligomerTang, L.A.L.; Wang, J. ; Loh, K.P. 
9-Mar-2010Graphene-polymer nanofiber membrane for ultrafast photonicsBao, Q. ; Zhang, H.; Yang, J.-X. ; Wang, S. ; Tang, D.Y.; Jose, R. ; Ramakrishna, S. ; Lim, C.T. ; Loh, K.P. 
18-Mar-2013Green luminescence from Cu-doped ZnO nanorods: Role of Zn vacancies and negative thermal quenchingHuang, X.H.; Zhang, C.; Tay, C.B. ; Venkatesan, T. ; Chua, S.J.