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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Passive immunoprophylaxis and therapy with humanized monoclonal antibody specific for influenza A H5 hemagglutinin in miceHanson B.J. ; Boon A.C.M.; Lim A.P.C. ; Webb A.; Ooi E.E. ; Webby R.J.
Jan-2013PGC-1α improves glucose homeostasis in skeletal muscle in an activity-dependent mannerSummermatter, S.; Shui, G. ; Maag, D.; Santos, G.; Wenk, M.R.; Handschin, C.
2017Phylogeography of Y-chromosome haplogroup O3a2b2-N6 reveals patrilineal traces of Austronesian populations on the eastern coastal regions of AsiaWei L.-H.; Yan S.; Teo Y.-Y.; Huang Y.-Z.; Wang L.-X.; Yu G.; Saw W.-Y. ; Ong R.T.-H. ; Lu Y.; Zhang C.; Xu S.-H.; Jin L.; Li H.
Aug-2013Polar lipid derangements in type 2 diabetes mellitus: Potential pathological relevance of fatty acyl heterogeneity in sphingolipidsShui, G. ; Lam, S.M.; Stebbins, J.; Kusunoki, J.; Duan, X.; Li, B.; Cheong, W.F.; Soon, D.; Kelly, R.P.; Wenk, M.R.
2009Preventing anterior cruciate ligament failure during impact compression by restraining anterior tibial translation or axial tibial rotationYeow, C.H. ; Khan, R.S.; Lee, P.V.S. ; Goh, J.C.H. 
2015Progressive gender differences of structural brain networks in healthy adults: A longitudinal, diffusion tensor imaging studySun Yu ; Lee, Renick; Chen, Yu; Collinson, Simon Lowes ; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Bezerianos, Anastasios G. ; Sim, Kang 
2017Proton NMR characterization of intact primary and metastatic melanoma cells in 2D & 3D culturesRamachandran, G.K ; Yeow, C.H 
Dec-2012Ptdins4P synthesis by PI4KIIIα at the plasma membrane and its impact on plasma membrane identityNakatsu, F.; Baskin, J.M.; Chung, J.; Tanner, L.B.; Shui, G. ; Lee, S.Y.; Pirruccello, M.; Hao, M.; Ingolia, N.T.; Wenk, M.R.; De Camilli, P.
Feb-2014Reconstructing 3-D maps of the local viscoelastic properties using a finite-amplitude modulated radiation forceGiannoula, A.; Cobbold, R.; Bezerianos, A. 
2009Regression relationships of landing height with ground reaction forces, knee flexion angles, angular velocities and joint powers during double-leg landingYeow, C.H. ; Goh, J.C.H. ; Lee, P.V.S.
Oct-2013Relationship between cell function and initial cell seeding density of primary porcine chondrocytes in vitroZhang, K.; Wang, L.; Han, Q.; Heng, B.C.; Yang, Z. ; Ge, Z. 
1-Aug-2013Repair of osteochondral defects with rehydrated freeze-dried oligo[Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Fumarate] hydrogels seeded with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in a porcine modelLim, C.T.; Ren, X.; Afizah, M.H.; Tarigan-Panjaitan, S.; Yang, Z. ; Wu, Y. ; Chian, K.S.; Mikos, A.G.; Hui, J.H.P.
Jan-2012Replication of 13 obesity loci among Singaporean Chinese, Malay and Asian-Indian populationsDorajoo, R.; Blakemore, A.I.F.; Sim, X. ; Ong, R.T.-H. ; Ng, D.P.K. ; Seielstad, M.; Wong, T.-Y.; Saw, S.-M. ; Froguel, P.; Liu, J.; Tai, E.-S.
Dec-2012Retrograde axonal transport of VZV: Kinetic studies in hESC-derived neuronsGrigoryan, S.; Kinchington, P.R.; Yang, I.H. ; Selariu, A.; Zhu, H.; Yee, M.; Goldstein, R.S.
2016RiboTagger: Fast and unbiased 16S/18S profiling using whole community shotgun metagenomic or metatranscriptome surveysXie C. ; Goi C.L.W. ; Huson D.H. ; Little P.F.R. ; Williams R.B.H. 
24-Jul-2019Robot Trust Appeals and Human Decision-Making in Human-Robot CollaborationManuel, Seet ; Bose, Rohit ; Bezerianos, Anastasios ; Dauwels, Justin; Thakor, Nitish 
Sep-2012Role of prefrontal cortical calcium independent phospholipase A2 in antidepressant-like effect of maprotilineLee, L.H.-W.; Tan, C.-H.; Shui, G. ; Wenk, M.R.; Ong, W.-Y.
2011Rotating night shift work and risk of type 2 diabetes: Two prospective cohort studies in womenPan A. ; Schernhammer E.S.; Sun Q.; Hu F.B.
2010Sagittal knee joint kinematics and energetics in response to different landing heights and techniquesYeow, C.H. ; Goh, J.C.H. ; Lee, P.V.S.
2012Seeking ambiguity: A review on neuroimaing studies on decision making under ambiguityTaya, F.