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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-202034.5 Human-Body-Coupled Power-Delivery and Ambient-Energy-Harvesting ICs for a Full-Body-Area Power SustainabilityLi, Jiamin; Dong, Yilong ; Park, Jeong Hoan ; Lin, Longyang ; Tang, Tao ; Zhanq, Miaolin; Wu, Han ; Zhang, Lian ; Tan, Joanne Si Ying; Yoo, Jerald 
Feb-202034.6 EEG Dust: A BCC-Based Wireless Concurrent Recording/Transmitting Concentric ElectrodeTang, Tao ; Yan, Long; Park, Jeong Hoan ; Wu, Han ; Zhang, Lian ; Lee, Ho Yin Benjamin; Yoo, Jerald 
Nov-2019A 0.012 mm2, $1.5 \mathrm{G}\Omega$ ZIN Intrinsic Feedback Capacitor Instrumentation Amplifier for Bio-Potential Recording and Respiratory MonitoringZhang, Lian ; Tang, Tao ; Park, Jeong Hoan ; Yoo, Jerald 
Nov-2019A 15-Ch. 0.019 mm2/Ch. 0.43% Gain Mismatch Orthogonal Code Chopping Instrumentation Amplifier SoC for Bio-Signal AcquisitionPark, Jeong Hoan ; Tang, Tao ; Zhang, Lian ; Ng, Kian Ann ; Yoo, Jerald 
2013A 24 Vpp compliant biphasic stimulator for inductively powered animal behavior studiesNag, S. ; Sharma, D.; Thakor, N.V. 
2020A 3-Mbps, 802.11g-Based EMG Recording System with Fully Implantable 5-Electrode EMG Acquisition DeviceNg, Kian Ann ; Rusly, Astrid; Gammad, Gil Gerald Lasam ; Le, Nguyen ; Liu, Shih-Chiang ; Leong, Khay Wai ; Zhang, Miaolin; Ho, John S ; Yoo, Jerald ; Yen, Shih-Cheng 
2017A 3D Printed Implantable Device for Voiding the Bladder Using Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) ActuatorsHassani, F.A ; Peh, W.Y.X ; Gammad, G.G.L; Mogan, R.P ; Ng, T.K; Kuo, T.L.C ; Ng, L.G ; Luu, P ; Yen, S.-C ; Lee, C 
7-Apr-2011A colorimetric pH indicators and boronic acids ensemble array for quantitative sugar analysisGhosh, K.K.; Yap, E.; Kim, H. ; Lee, J.-S.; Chang, Y.-T. 
Nov-2012A fluorescent screening platform for the rapid evaluation of chemicals in cellular reprogrammingVendrell, M.; Park, S.-J.; Chandran, Y.; Lee, C.L.K.; Ha, H.-H. ; Kang, N.-Y.; Yun, S.-W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2018A handheld real-time photoacoustic imaging system for animal neurological disease models: From simulation to realizationLiu, Y.-H ; Xu, Y; Liao, L.-D ; Chan, K.C ; Thakor, N.V 
Apr-2013A Mechanistic Paradigm for Broad-Spectrum Antivirals that Target Virus-Cell FusionVigant, F.; Lee, J.; Hollmann, A.; Tanner, L.B.; Akyol Ataman, Z.; Yun, T.; Shui, G. ; Aguilar, H.C.; Zhang, D.; Meriwether, D.; Roman-Sosa, G.; Robinson, L.R.; Juelich, T.L.; Buczkowski, H.; Chou, S.; Castanho, M.A.R.B.; Wolf, M.C.; Smith, J.K.; Banyard, A.; Kielian, M.; Reddy, S.; Wenk, M.R.; Selke, M.; Santos, N.C.; Freiberg, A.N.; Jung, M.E.; Lee, B.
Mar-2011A method for identifying haplotypes carrying the causative allele in positive natural selection and genome-wide association studiesOng, R.T.-H. ; Liu, X.; Poh, W.-T. ; Sim, X. ; Chia, K.-S. ; Teo, Y.-Y. 
Mar-2013A model of flux regulation in the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway: Immune mediated graduated flux reduction versus statin-like led stepped flux reductionWatterson, S.; Guerriero, M.L.; Blanc, M.; Mazein, A.; Loewe, L.; Robertson, K.A.; Gibbs, H.; Shui, G. ; Wenk, M.R.; Hillston, J.; Ghazal, P.
2018A phase I/Ib study of OTSGC-A24 combined peptide vaccine in advanced gastric cancerSundar, R ; Rha, S.Y; Yamaue, H; Katsuda, M; Kono, K ; Kim, H.S; Kim, C; Mimura, K; Kua, L.-F ; Yong, W.P 
1-Jan-2014A poor man's blastx-High-throughput metagenomic protein database search using paudaHuson, D.H.; Xie, C. 
Jul-2011A role for phosphatidic acid in the formation of "supersized" Lipid dropletsFei, W.; Shui, G. ; Zhang, Y.; Krahmer, N.; Ferguson, C.; Kapterian, T.S.; Lin, R.C.; Dawes, I.W.; Brown, A.J.; Li, P.; Huang, X.; Parton, R.G.; Wenk, M.R.; Walther, T.C.; Yang, H.
2017A saccade based framework for real-time motion segmentation using event based vision sensorsMishra, A ; Ghosh, R ; Principe, J.C; Thakor, N.V ; Kukreja, S.L 
2018A sensitive liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for the determination of nimbolide in mouse serum: Application to a preclinical pharmacokinetics studyWang, L ; Khoa Phan, D.-D; Syn, N; Xiang, X; Song, H; Thuya, W.L ; Yang, S ; Wong, A.L.-A ; Kumar, A.P ; Yong, W.P ; Sethi, G ; Ho, P.C.-L ; Goh, B.C 
2013A simple and effective semi-invasive method for inducing local hypothermia in rat spinal cordBazley, F.A. ; Pashai, N.; Kerr, C.; Thakor, N. ; All, A.H.
Apr-2012A statistical method for region-based meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies in genetically diverse populationsWang, X.; Liu, X.; Sim, X. ; Xu, H. ; Khor, C.-C.; Ong, R.T.-H. ; Tay, W.-T.; Suo, C. ; Poh, W.-T. ; Ng, D.P.-K. ; Liu, J.; Aung, T.; Chia, K.-S. ; Wong, T.-Y. ; Tai, E.-S.; Teo, Y.-Y.