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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Negotiating 'home' and 'national identity': Chinese-Malaysian transmigrants in SingaporeLam, T. ; Yeoh, B.S.A. 
23-Jul-2018Negotiating Postcolonial Eurasian Identities and National Belonging in Global-City SingaporeEsther Rootham ; Kristel A. Acedera ; Brenda Yeoh 
1-Dec-2013Neo-Folk, Indigenous-Itinerant 'Hinduism': The Kodavathees of SingaporeSomaiah, Bittiandra Chand 
8-Jul-2020Neural side effect discovery from user credibility and experience-assessed online health discussionsVan-Hoang Nguyen; Kazunari Sugiyama ; Min-Yen Kan ; Kishaloy Halder 
2015New directions in hydro-climatic histories: observational data recovery, proxy records and the atmospheric circulation reconstructions over the earth (ACRE) initiative in Southeast AsiaWilliamson, F ; Allan, R; Switzer, A.D; Chan, J.C.L; Wasson, R.J ; D’Arrigo, R; Gartner, R
Apr-2005Obituaries and the legacy of derridaTurner, B. 
2014Observed changes in the water flow at Chiang Saen in the lower Mekong: Impacts of Chinese dams?Lu X.X. ; Li S. ; Kummu M.; Padawangi R. ; Wang J.J.
Mar-2008Of kimchi and coffee: Globalisation, transnationalism and familiarity in culinary consumptionCollins, F.L. 
19-Jun-2017Only (in) IndiaMichiel Baas 
1994Organ donation and transplantation in SingaporeKaur, M. ; Tan, S.
May-2008Ownership, control, and contention: Challenges for the future of healthcare in MalaysiaCHEE, H.L. 
2016Pan-Asian Sports and the Emergence of Modern Asia, 1913-1974Stefan Huebner 
4-Jan-2019Parental migration and disruptions in everyday life: Reactions of left-behind children in Southeast AsiaTheodora Lam ; Brenda Yeoh 
20-May-2019Parental migration and the educational enrolment of left-behind children: evidence from rural Ponorogo, IndonesiaSilvia Mila Arlini; Choon Yen Khoo ; Brenda S.A. Yeoh 
17-Feb-2020Peri-conflict peace: Brokerage, development and illiberal ceasefires in Myanmar's borderlandsGerard McCarthy ; Nicholas Farrelly
5-Sep-2017Place/No-Place in Asian Urban ReligiosityCarter Hawthorne Higgins 
Apr-2012Political economy of cross-border marriage: Economic development and social reproduction in KoreaLee, H. 
2009Politicization of Islam in Indonesia and Malaysia: Women's rights and inter-religious relationsMohamad, M. 
Jul-2011Population and development beyond the first demographic transition: A focus on the experience of East and Southeast Asian countriesJones, G.W. 
Apr-2009Population and poverty: The situation in Asia and the pacificJones, G.W.