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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Dec-2020Karaoke kissa ni okeru enka/kayoukyoku no juyou: Koureisha no ongaku jissen kara kangaeru "sengo nihon" (The Reception of “Enka/Kayokyoku” at Karaoke Kissas: Thinking About “Post-war Japan” through Senior Musical Engagements)Tong Koon Fung 
Nov-2019Land use change driven out-migration: Evidence from three flood-prone communities in the Vietnamese Mekong DeltaTran, Thong Anh 
Mar-2006Law and religionTurner, B.S. 
Jul-2003Lean production systems, labor unions, and greenfield locations of the Korean new auto assembly plants and their suppliersLee, Y.-S. 
2019Learning as an everyday adaptation practice in the rural Vietnamese Mekong DeltaThong Tran 
Dec-2005Leibniz, Islam and Cosmopolitan VirtueTurner, B.S. 
Dec-2013Levels of urbanization in the world's countries: Testing consistency of estimates based on national definitionsAlkema, L. ; Jones, G.W. ; Lai, C.U.R.
2010Lineage And Religion On The Putian Plains: An Analysis Based On Stone InscriptionsDean, Kenneth 
Jan-2013Listening in to water routes: Soundscapes as cultural systemsChandola, T. 
1-Jan-2012Listening into others: Moralising the soundscapes in DelhiChandola, T. 
Jul-2006Liver transplantation in Singapore 1990-2004Wai, C.T. ; Lee, Y.M. ; Selamat, D.S.; Tan, K.C.; Tan, C.K.; Lee, H.L.; Kaur, M. ; Lee, K.H. ; Aw, M.M. ; Quak, S.H. ; Isaac, J. ; Lim, S.-G. 
Mar-2005'Lives of hunting dogs': Muai Thai and the politics of Thai masculinitiesKitiarsa, P. 
6-Mar-2019Living in an Age of Precarity in 21st Century AsiaTeresita Cruz-Del Rosario ; Jonathan Rigg 
2004Living on site: Health experiences of migrant female construction workers in North IndiaJatrana, S. ; Sangwan, S.K.
2011Local ritual traditions of Southeast China: a challenge to definitions of religion and theories of ritualDean, Kenneth 
Mar-2006Logic(s)Turner, B.S. 
Aug-2010Making majority, undoing family: Law, religion and the Islamization of the state in MalaysiaMohamad, M. 
1-Feb-2019Making news in global India: Media, publics, politicsMichiel Baas 
Apr-2011Malaysian Sharia reforms in flux: The changeable national character of islamic marriageMohamad, M. 
Aug-2007Managing religions: State responses to religious diversityTurner, B.S.