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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2006Health concerns of 'invisible'1 cross-border domestic maids in ThailandToyota, M. 
Oct-2007Health status of temporary migrants in urban areas in VietnamNguyen, L.T. ; White, M.J.
2-May-2020Heritage Movements in Asia: Cultural Heritage Activism, Politics & Identity, edited by Ali Mozaffari and Tod Jones. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2020, 204 pp., $135.00 /#99.00 (Hardback), ISBN:978-1-78920-481-0Sonia Lam-Knott 
2008History of malaria control in Tajikistan and rapid malaria appraisal in an agro-ecological settingMatthys, B; Sherkanov, T; Karimov, S.S; Khabirov, Z; Mostowlansky, T ; Utzinger, J; Wyss, K
9-Nov-2019Hopes and Hurdles: Rural Migrant Children's Education in Urban ChinaXiaorong Gu ; Wei-Jun Jean Yeung 
Mar-2006HospitalTurner, B.S. 
Dec-2011How Fares the Family? Resilience and Transformation of Families in AsiaGubhaju, B.; Eng, L.A. 
Dec-2012How to avoid the centre: The strategies of a small feminist workshop in rural ChinaBenney, J. 
2019How Unpopular Policies are Made: Examples from South Africa, Singapore and BangladeshPalmary, I; de Gruchy, T; Ashraf, A.S.M.A; Koh, C.Y ; Wee, K ; Goh, C ; Yeoh, B.S.A 
9-Jul-2019Hybrid Governance of Transboundary Commons: Insights from Southeast AsiaMiller, Michelle Ann ; Middleton, Carl; Rigg, Jonathan ; Taylor, David 
Jul-2012Hybridity and subversion: The Olympic flame in IndiaMajumdar, B.; Mehta, N. 
2018Identifying Emergent Research Trends by Key Authors and PhrasesShenhao Jiang ; Animesh Prasad ; Min-Yen Kan ; Kazunari Sugiyama 
17-Feb-2020Illiberal peace-building in Asia: A comparative overviewClaire Smith; Lars Waldorf; Rajesh Venugopal; Gerard McCarthy 
1-Apr-2020Imagining film censorship in Singapore: The case of Sex.Violence.FamilyValuesFong, Siao Yuong 
9-Mar-2016‘Immorality’, Nationalism and the Colonial State in British Malaya: Indian ‘coolie’ women's intimate lives as ideological battlegroundArunima Datta 
17-Dec-2018Immortal Medicine: Understanding the resilience of Burmese alchemic practiceCeline Coderey 
Sep-2013Impact of changes in Medicare payments on the financial condition of nonprofit hospitals.Das, D. 
2011In search of authenticity in historic cities in transformation: The case of Pingyao, ChinaWang, S.-Y. 
Sep-2009India's north-south divide and theories of fertility changeDommaraju, P. ; Agadjanian, V.
2009Individual versus household migration decision rules: Gender and marital status differences in intentions to migrate in South AfricaGUBHAJU, BINA ; De Jong, G.F.