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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Facilitators and barriers to accessing reproductive health care for migrant beer promoters in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam: A mixed methods studyWebber, G; Spitzer, D ; Somrongthong, R; Dat, T.C; Kounnavongsa, S
2006Faiths and films: Countering the crisis of Thai Buddhism from belowKitiarsa, P. 
2013Family migrationYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Cheng, Yi'En 
Jun-2003Fertility and the family : an overview of pro-natalist population policies on SingaporeWong, Soo Mun Theresa ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda
Aug-2007Fertility decline in Asia: The role of marriage changeJones, G.W. 
Mar-2003Fertility decline in Asia: Trends, Implications and FuturesYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Lutz, Wolfgang; Prachuabmoh, Vipan; EVI NURVIDYA ARIFIN 
Dec-2013Fingerprint, bellwether, model event: Climate change as speculative anthropologyWhitington, J. 
Jul-2006FIOH-sponsored newsletter misrepresents asbestos hazards in ZimbabweBailar III, J.C.; Ballal, S.G.; Boback, M.; Castleman, B.; Chee, H.L. ; Cherniack, M.; Christiani, D.; Cicolella, A.; Fernández De D'Pool, J.; Egilman, D.; Frank, A.L.; Garcia, M.A.; Giannasi, F.; Greenberg, M.; Harrison, R.J.; Huff, J.; Infante, P.; Joao De Souza, E.; Joshi, T.K.; Kamuzora, P.; Kazan-Allen, L.; Kern, D.G.; Kromhout, H.; Kuswadji, S.; LaDou, J.; Lemen, R.A.; Levenstein, C.; Luethje, B.; Mancini, F.; Meel, B.L.; Mekonnen, Y.; Mendes, R.; Murie, F.; Myers, J.E.; O'Neill, R.; Osaro, E.; Paek, D.; Richter, E.; Robertson, H.; Rosskam, E.; Samuels, S.W.; Soskolne, C.L.; Stuckey, R.; Teitelbaum, D.T.; Terracini, B.; Thebaud-Mony, A.; Vanhoorne, M.; Wang, X.; Watterson, A.; Wedeen, R.
19-Feb-2020Fixing flammable Forest: The scalar politics of peatland governance and restoration in IndonesiaAstuti, Rini 
Oct-2004Food in tourism - Attraction and impedimentCohen, E.; Avieli, N. 
2012For a monsoon wedding: Delhi and the Commonwealth GamesMehta, N. ; Majumdar, B.
2003Foreigners and migration policy in SingaporeWong, Soo Mun Theresa ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
29-Nov-2018Four decades of transition to first marriage in China: Economic reform and persisting marriage normsXiaorong Gu 
1-Jan-2012From a living city to a World Heritage City: Authorised heritage conservation and development and its impact on the local communityWang, S.-Y. 
2012From Client to Matchmaker: Social Capital in the Making of Commercial Matchmaking Agents in MalaysiaChee, Heng Leng ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Vu, Thi Kieu Dung 
2019From free to forced adaptation: A political ecology of the ‘state‐society‐flood’ nexus in the Vietnamese Mekong DeltaTran, Thong Anh 
2009From Jewish disciple to Muslim Guru: On literary and religious transformations in late nineteenth century JavaRicci, R. 
2007Gender differences in health among older singaporeansChan, A. ; Jatrana, S. 
Jul-2013Gendering migrant remittances: Evidence from Bangladesh and the United Arab EmiratesMizanur Rahman, M. 
Feb-2006Gendering the politics of migrationPiper, N.