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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Daoists and Transnational Chinese Society: The Circulation of Daoist Priests, Three in One Self-Cultivators, and Spirit Mediums between Fujian and South-East AsiaDean, Kenneth 
2013Debt as Entrapment or Strategy?: Livelihood Strategies and Patterns of Remittance Use amongst Transnational Families in Thailand and VietnamYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Baey, Hui Yi Grace ; Das, Dhiman ; Jampaklay, Aree
29-Aug-2016Debt, precarity and gender: Male and female temporary labour migrants in SingaporeMaria Platt ; Grace Baey ; Brenda Yeoh ; Choon Khoo ; Theodora Lam 
May-2013Decentralizing Indonesian City Spaces as New 'Centers'Miller, M.A. 
Sep-2007Delayed marriage and very low fertility in Pacific AsiaJones, G.W. 
Apr-2020Design of an adaptive noise canceller for improving performance of an autonomous underwater vehicle-towed linear arrayChi, Cheng ; Pallayil, Venugopalan ; Chitre, Mandar 
2004Diasporic subjects in the nation: Foreign domestic workers, the reach of law and civil society in SingaporeYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Huang, Swee Lian Shirlena ; Devasahayam, Theresa W. 
2017Different cultures, different selves? Suppression of emotions and reactions to transgressions across culturesZeilpa Naemma Huwae 
1-Jul-2019"Digitalizing Walkability": Comparing Smartphone-Based and Web-Based Approaches to Measuring Neighborhood Walkability in SingaporeHae Young Yun ; Christopher Zegras; Daniel Heriberto Palencia Arreola
9-Oct-2018Disaster Justice in Asia’s Urbanising AnthropoceneMichelle Ann Miller ; Douglass, Mike 
Mar-2006DisciplineTurner, B.S. 
1995Divided opinions about adatpela: a study of pela Tamilou-Siri/Sori-HutumuriZeilpa Naemma Huwae 
2008Does anthropology still exist?Turner, B.S. 
2020Doing Family in "Times of Migration": Care Temporalities and Gender Politics in Southeast AsiaYeoh, Brenda SA ; Somaiah, Bittiandra Chand ; Lam, Theodora ; Acedera, Kristel F 
1-Aug-2017Domestic Labor, Attitudes and Women’s Marital Satisfaction: A Longitudinal Study in KoreaAdam Ka-lok Cheung ; Erin Hye-Won Kim 
2-Jun-2017Dynamics of Religion in Southeast Asia: Magic and ModernityJeremy Kingsley 
Sep-2010East Asian childbearing patterns and policy developmentsFrejka, T.; Jones, G.W. ; Sardon, J.-P.
2013Economic Stress and Health Among Rural Chinese ElderlyYeung, Wei-Jun Jean ; Xu, Zhenhua
2013Economic Stress, Human Capital, and Families in Asia : Research and Policy ChallengesYeung, Wei-Jun Jean 
Aug-2012Economic Stress, Quality of Life, and Mortality for the Oldest-Old in ChinaXu, Z.; Yeung, Wei-Jun Jean